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Handshake helps B. Robinson sales reps save time, access more information, and work more efficiently.

As a designer and manufacturer of fashion eyewear and sunwear, B. Robinson has been an authority in the optical industry for over 85 years.




New York, NY

My customer service and data entry teams LOVE Handshake...Now we have a digital copy of each order and no more manual entry. Orders that took hours to load now take seconds. It allows our team to focus on actual customer service and sales support as opposed to data entry.

Cliff Robinson
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Handshake and B. Robinson Bring Eyewear Sales Into Focus

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B. Robinson was looking for a mobile solution that would eliminate the need for manual order entry while providing a great experience for both their brand ambassadors and customers.


With faster order entry and instant order sync, B. Robinson has significantly reduced fulfillment times and closed their cash flow gap.

B. Robinson’s customers love the seamlessness of the ordering process with Handshake.

B. Robinson has reallocated resources from data entry to a more proactive customer service strategy and other revenue driving initiatives.



Benjamin Robinson started B. Robinson in 1926, and built a company synonymous with innovative fashion eyewear and sunglasses, translating the personality of leading designers like David Yurman, Betsey Johnson, and Isaac Mizrahi into beautiful eyewear.

B. Robinson has a dedicated team of sales reps who work closely with retail partners to ensure their business success and access to the latest styles. As part of that strategy to put people first, Cliff Robinson, Co-President of B. Robinson, approached Handshake in 2011 looking for a mobile order management solution that would provide a slick ordering experience for reps and customers alike.

Handshake’s simple, fast user interface and proprietary sync technology made it the obvious choice for B. Robinson’s team, putting key customer information, reporting and order history insight in the hands of reps.


“Handshake has been invaluable to my sales team. All of our selling information is at their fingertips. They can quickly and efficiently write orders and show our customers all the necessary pricing and order totals. When the sale is confirmed, reps email the customer a copy during the meeting and we can get a signature detailing our customer’s acceptance.”

When selling at shows like Vision Expo East and West, Handshake’s instant offline functionality is key. “We work with many companies for whom show season is a crucial time. The B. Robinson team is no exception. From The Javits Center near our HQ in New York to Paris Nord Villepinte where the Silmo show is held, tradeshow internet can be spotty and expensive, so we built Handshake with the assumption that everything had to work offline,” says Handshake CEO Glen Coates.

All year round when calling on retail partners, the B. Robinson team is supported by Handshake, which has significantly reduced time to fulfillment and helped close the cash flow gap for the business. The B. Robinson team also uses Handshake for demarcating exchange items and placing orders for marketing materials like point of sale displays and more.

“My customer service and data entry teams LOVE Handshake. We used to wait for orders to be faxed, then to be manually entered, and if we never received a fax it was as if the order never happened. Now we have a digital copy of each order and no more manual entry. Orders that took hours to load now take seconds.”

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B. Robinson
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