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About Vega

Vega is a pioneer in developing natural, plant-based nutritional supplements for healthy, active lifestyles.

Industry: Food & Beverage

Headquarters: Burnaby, BC

Key Events: Natural Products Expo East & West, CHFA

Sales Order Management
Quotation Mark

It was amazing how quickly reps adopted Handshake and started using it. I think it was within a week of training. Typically, when you’re looking at a project like this, it can take months and months to get it all put together, and that was my biggest fear. But Handshake made it quick and easy.

Quotation Mark

Lindsay Jesseau

Director of Customer Experience

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Driving Success with Handshake’s 4-Step Onboarding

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The Challenge:

After deciding to replace their paper order forms with a more sustainable order management solution, Vega was looking for a quick and painless transition into using Handshake.

The Results:

  • Vega’s reps were writing orders with Handshake within a week of their training.
  • Handshake is now seamlessly integrated with Vega’s ERP.
  • Vega has cut down data entry costs, reallocating those resources to customer service and brand outreach.

The Story:

An Onboarding Success Story - Vega

At Handshake, customer success is paramount, and the foundation of that success is a great onboarding experience. From complex integrations to sales training, Handshake Customer Success Specialists work one-on-one with companies to make the process as smooth as possible.

Vega, a leader in natural nutrition and performance products, has been fueling their active, health-conscious customers since their launch in 2001. They currently have rep teams across the United States and Canada, each visiting 30 to 50 stores on a weekly basis.

As a brand committed to sustainability, Vega was growing tired of the paper order forms and fillable PDFs they were using to take orders. Errors were all too common, and they had a team of seven working full-time to painstakingly re-enter orders from the daily wave of faxes, emails, and phone calls flowing into the back office.

When Lindsay Jesseau, Vega’s Director of Customer Experience, discovered Handshake, she knew it was the solution they’d been searching for. With sales on the line, it was critical for Vega to get off to a strong start and avoid hiccups in the setup process. They eventually signed on for a Handshake Professional account, with a dedicated Customer Success Specialist to guide them through Handshake’s 4-step onboarding, which includes a personalized Discovery Call, Account Setup, Admin Training, and Rep Training.

Vega’s Discovery Call

The first step to any Pro onboarding is a discovery call that serves as a deep dive into a company’s needs, workflow, and goals. Vega explained that they would use Handshake primarily in the field, as well as at trade shows four times a year.

It also became clear that the complexities of their data-mapping would require a focused approach.

In sum, Vega’s key priorities were, 1) Smoothly completing a complex integration between Handshake and their ERP, Netsuite, 2) Ensuring that Handshake would adapt to their unique requirements, like setting pricing and discount structures for certain retailers, and 3) Making the implementation process easy and painless for a sales team nervous about new technology.

Vega’s Account Setup

In accordance with Vega’s system of transferring orders into Netsuite, the main goal during the account setup was to map the data correctly within Handshake. Stephanie, their dedicated Customer Success Specialist, worked directly with Jesseau and her team to make sure the data upload went without a hitch.

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