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About Sugar Paper

Sugar Paper is an L.A.-based stationery brand founded in 2003 that specializes in high-quality antique letterpress printing.

Industry: Gift & Homewares

Headquarters: Los Angeles, CA

Sales Order Management
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I can’t imagine going back. It’s so easy, professional, and convenient, and everything works efficiently. Emily Benedetto, Wholesale Key Accounts Manager, Sugar Paper

Quotation Mark

Emily Benedetto

Wholesale Key Accounts Manager

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How Handshake Impacts 3 Key Areas of Sugar Paper’s Business

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The Challenge:

Finding a solution that could streamline and standardize the order writing and fulfillment process across trade shows, headquarters, and independent sales reps.

The Results:

  • Sugar Paper runs every single one of their orders through Handshake, whether it was taken at a trade show, in the back office, or in the field. Orders are now synced directly to their back office system, QuickBooks.
  • The company leverages sales reporting to improve inventory forecasting, inform production, and meet the demand for their handcrafted products.
  • Sugar Paper has already onboarded Handshake for two of their seven independent rep groups, with plans for further expansion.

The Story:

A Solution Key to Wholesale Sales

Sugar Paper is a stationery company with a focus on high quality materials and beautiful, sophisticated design. After getting started with custom wedding invitations, baby announcements, and other made-to-order products, Sugar Paper began moving into the world of wholesale sales in 2012.

For Wholesale Key Accounts Manager Emily Benedetto, it seems that Handshake’s order writing software has always been a part of how Sugar Paper has done business.

At Trade Shows

According to Benedetto, “We’ve been using Handshake since we debuted our wholesale line at the National Stationery Show in 2012.” At trade shows today, the company is never without their iPads. The team is able to scroll through their entire product line on their devices, quickly draft and confirm orders digitally, send confirmation emails, and save their buyers’ time in the process. “I think that people in the booth are always impressed by the technology. More and more companies are taking down orders on iPads,” says Benedetto.

Sugar Paper has also used the application to track sales at trade shows. For each show, they can separate repeat customers from new customers, run sales reports, and send them back to headquarters for review.

This has helped the company meet some of the biggest challenges in their industry, like scaling the production of their handmade products, shipping more quickly, and making sure they have enough inventory to meet demand. “We do a new line twice a year, so we always have to figure out how much product to make for those lines. We also want to have accurate projections for big holidays,” says Benedetto.

In the Back Office

In addition to using the software at trade shows, Sugar Paper also uses it every day in their back office. When the customer service team receives orders over the phone, they enter it into Handshake on their iPads.

“Every single one of our orders goes through Handshake,” says Benedetto. “With the high resolution images, it’s so easy to write an order on the interface. We’re a letterpress printer, so we need that level of detail.”

Recently, Sugar Paper has also integrated Handshake with their back office system, QuickBooks. Orders now sync directly from Handshake to QuickBooks, making the fulfillment process even more streamlined.

In the Field

Sugar Paper relies on independent sales representatives and independent rep groups for their field sales. While most of these reps have their own systems for submitting orders, others simply send emails to the back office. “There is a lot of confusion and back-and-forth communication when orders come in as emails or faxes,” says Benedetto. She is now hoping to improve the process with Handshake.

“We’ve already onboarded two rep groups with Handshake, so that they can submit orders remotely into our system. I can’t imagine going back. It’s so easy, professional, and convenient, and everything works efficiently.”

Read the full story here

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