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About Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in manufacturing and delivering advanced hearing solutions to people around the globe.

Industry: Healthcare

Headquarters: Eden Prairie, MN

Key Events: Hearing Innovation Expo

Sales Order Management
Quotation Mark

The introduction and implementation of Handshake took our sales experience to a new level for our customers. The ease of use and functionality provided a high-tech integration and image to our customers. Helped us start the year off right—innovative.

Quotation Mark Brandon Sawalich VP of Sales, Marketing, & Customer Relations Starkey Hearing Technologies Portrait

Brandon Sawalich

VP of Sales, Marketing, & Customer Relations

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Handshake and Starkey Hearing Technologies Sound Great Together

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The Challenge:

In keeping with their commitment to innovation, Starkey Hearing Technologies needed a modern sales order management solution for their sales team selling year round at hospitals and clinics.

The Results:

  • Starkey became a beta partner for Handshake’s streamlined quotes feature, which enables sales reps to send interactive sales quotes to customers online.
  • By eliminating data entry and order submission delays, Starkey has significantly sped up order fulfillment times.
  • Handshake is now fully integrated with Starkey’s SAP system.

The Story:

A Commitment to Innovation

Starkey Hearing Technologies believes in being innovative in everything they do. It was Starkey Hearing Technologies that first utilized nanotechnology in hearing aids, and made hearing aids moisture and wax resistant. At the Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley California, they invest in Research and Development, discovering new and better ways to improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss.

Starkey’s sales teams sell year-round into hospitals and clinics, and their annual Hearing Innovation Expo brings together professionals from across the industry who are looking to grow their practice. Last year’s keynote speakers included Sir Richard Branson, President Bill Clinton, and many more.

The Cost of Outdated Paper Processes

In previous years, the Starkey team would write up customer orders at the show, returning after it was over with a huge stack of paper to leaf through and enter by hand. Orders might take a week to be confirmed and for fulfillment to begin. Now, with everyone at the show on Handshake, orders sync back instantly for immediate fulfillment, and are often shipped before the customer even leaves the show floor.

Handshake CEO Glen Coates knows the hidden value of making sure orders get processed as soon as possible when taken in a show environment. According to Coates, “Starkey recognized the very real cost that comes from writing orders on paper and the gains that can be realized by working with Handshake. The faster orders can get back to the customer service team, the quicker they’ll be shipped. The cancellation window will be shorter, and you’ll get paid sooner.”

Creating a Standout Experience

Wherever they are, on the road or in the convention center, Handshake supports Starkey’s sales team by allowing them to sell more and focus on providing an outstanding, modern customer experience. Starkey runs their business with SAP, and Handshake’s engineering team worked closely with them to ensure tight integration.

Starkey Hearing Technologies was also selected as a beta partner for Handshake’s brand-new Pitch feature, which enables sales reps to send a personalized, tailored selection of products to their buyer. The buyer can review, edit and then submit the finalized quote back to their rep online for approval, making the entire quote process beautifully streamlined and paperless.

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