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Big John's Jalapeno Bacon Snack Sticks (20 count) - Made with Premium Pork, Nitrate-Free, High protein- Keto friendly snack

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You may purchase 24-Big John's Nitrite Free Jalapeno Bacon Snack Stick (24 stick box) or buy the Nitrite Free Jalapeno Bacon Snack stick singly.

Here at Circle B Ranch we take our Snack Sticks Seriously. Our Nitrite Free Meat Sticks are a  convenient food in sync with our Animal Welfare principles and environmental consciousness.

In response to a growing health concerns regarding diabetes and obesity in children....Circle B Ranch would like to offer the following:

  • Full ONE OUNCE Stick unlike "the other sticks". No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Red Dye or Sodium Benzoate. Only the good stuff go into these delicious Bacon Snack Sticks!
  • Paleo Friendly Bacon Meat Sticks with NO Added Nitrates or Nitrites. You can use then on the Whole 30 Diet.  A great source of healthy fats which are near perfect for your Keto diet.
  • Gluten Free,  Dairy Free and MSG Free Bacon Pork Meat Stick. We do not add any hormones or use antibiotics
  • Low Carb, Low calorie, High in Protein Bacon Meat Stick.
  • 5g of Protein, 90 Calories, NO Carbs, NO Sugar, 180 mg Sodium
  • 100% American made in Missouri

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