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Black Aluminum Replaceable Toothbrush Set

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ATYS toothbrushes are made of a 100% recyclable aluminum handle and a biodegradable head that can be replaced. ATYS has two brush heads designed by dentists: a Double Layered model for effective plaque removal and an Ultra Soft model for sensitive gums.

  • Included toothbrush handle & holder with two types of replaceable heads
  • Toothbrush handle and holder are made from aluminum
  • Replaceable heads are made of Biodegradable PLA
  • Highly resistant to stains, scratches & scuffs
  • Dentist developed bristles
  • Gold plated stainless steel pin

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Minimum $250
Boston, MA
ATYS is redefining manual toothbrushes that let you stop throwing plastic into landfills without sacrificing a healthy smile. Our mission is to set a new standard for oral care: one based on clinical effectiveness, quality & sustainable materials, and exceptional design. ATYS was founded, out of Boston in 2018. When looking into everyday plastic toothbrush use, we were appalled by the number of harmful plastic toothbrushes people were throwing away into our landfills. While we tried using environmentally sustainable toothbrushes in the market, we were not able to find a toothbrush that has decent bristles with a beautiful design. We undertook extensive research with a team of dentists to create a sustainable toothbrush that excels in bristle technology while uplifting the bathroom atmosphere. We strives to encourage more consumers to use sustainable products by breaking the stereotypes for environmentally safe products.
Black Aluminum Replaceable Toothbrush...