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Boy Band

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Cocoa Supreme Hot Chocolate

We wanted to kick up the cocoa a notch from our Mom Jeans recipe.  Boy Band is now in the lineup to satisfy every chocolate lover's craving.  For those chocoholics out there... You will crush on this extra cocoa harder than a tween crushin' on a boy band.

O-O Ooo, O-O Oo, O-O Ooo, [this has] The Right Stuff...

[You'll] Want it That Way...

I Swear, by the Moon and the Stars in the Sky, [this will] be there...

I could go on and on.

8 oz. makes 4-6 servings

3 oz. makes 1-2 servings

Pairs well for a gift with the Frosted Tips mug.

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We make and sell delicious hot chocolate mixes with some personality! We believe in quality mixes and packaging that will look great on your shelves and keep your customers craving more. We are a small business that operates and ships out of Springfield, Missouri. Offering 6 flavors, 2 sizes, and 3 different "looks", you'll be sure to find something to match the vibe of your shop. The 3 "looks" (aka Collections) are: 1. Clever - for shops that don't take themselves too seriously but have a reputation to uphold. 2. Classy - for shops that need to keep it clean and have a more elegant feel. 3. Crass - for shops that have a bit of a lude flare and aren't afraid to shock their customers.