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BRONZIE | Self tan sheet protector & Tan Perfector

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We understand the frustration of applying a perfect tan, going to bed, then to wake up to a ruined tan.

Its not your fault.... it’s your sheets.

LONGER LASTING TAN! Your tan isn’t absorbing deep when laying on cotton, which absorbed the tan off your skin. The faux vegan silk keeps the tan on your skin so all night you get max benefits.

The Bronzie ensures your tan develops  evenly, the bedding is clean, and it packs back up into its built-in pouch for next time.

  • Protection from embarrassing bronzer stains 
  • No laundry the night after your tanning ritual. 
  • Golden faux silk fabric can’t absorb any product off your skin allowing your tan to develop super even.
  • Made to fold over your top blanket or duvet so your exposed arms are fully protected. 
  • Natural or cotton-blend bedsheets absorb ANY topically applied beauty cream, oil, or product off your skin. The Bronzie allows your skin to receive full benefits from your skincare.
  • Attached Bag: The Bronzie folds back into the self attached pocket for easy packing away for next time. 



Elevate your tanning ritual

  • Size: Large 4’ wide & 7.5’ long to completely protect all sizes and stay in place. 
  • Attached Pillowcase: Fits 1 King or Queen size pillow best
  • Material: Faux Vegan Silk 100% Art Polyester
  • Color: Luxe Gold

Directions: After your bedtime tanning ritual, unpack your Bronzie Bedslip. Pull your duvet or top blanket out of the way and lay out the Bronzie a top the fitted sheet. Insert your pillow inside the pillow case, a Queen or King size pillow fits best. Use the side ties to close or open the side you normally enter the bed. Pull your duvet or top blanket back over the Bronzie and fold down the silky top sheet to cover the top edge where your arms lay.  High tanning vibes all night long. Wake up to a perfect tan with no bedding to wash! 

*Wash before use to prevent any color bleed or transfer. We suggest replacing after heavy use and repeated washing every year for the serious beauty addict.



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Bedtime Bronzie

Minimum $300
Kihei, HI
Self Tan & Self Love Paraphernalia. Bronzie is a self tan sheet protector, a vegan silk bedslip, that you sleep in with a freshly applied spray tan. The silky material keeps the tan developing evenly and on your skin, while keeping the self tan off the sheets! No dirty sheets & a perfect tan! Patented & Trademarked.
BRONZIE | Self tan sheet protector & ...