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Fetch Box #2

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This pack includes: 1 Small Red TenniX Ball, 1 Small Blue TenniX Ball, 1 Small Geo Ball, Pink Geo Toy, Bamboo Treat Stick Interactive Chew Toy 

  • TenniX Balls: The 2.7” size balls consist of a bouncy non-toxic, chemical-free rubber coating that is great for comfort chewing or playing games of fetch. Ergonomically ideal for thrower and fetcher. Easy to clean. Springy texture is fun to play with, and the bouncy material reaches super lengths no matter how far you can throw. Surprise bonuses engage your dog physically and mentally. Dog’s will love how it feels in their mouth, and will help reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Great for all size dog breeds. 
  • Small Geo Ball: This 9.4” teal and black shiny ball is made with durable, bouncy rubber that squeaks with every chew. The modern geometric design has textured ridges and grooves to give your dog utmost Fetch experience. 
  • Pink Geo Toy: Our 3.5” Pink Geo Toy is made with buttery soft sustainable all-natural rubber, this geometric shaped chew toy consists of multiple grooves and textures that will feel AMAZING in your dog’s mouth. The textured design reduces stress and anxiety by massaging your dog’s gums and keeping teeth clean by brushing away excess built up tartar. 
  • Bamboo Treat Stick: Our 8” bamboo treat stick chew toy is great for comfort chewing and playing games of fetch and stuffing treats as an interactive pet toy. Small areas to put treats inside to create an interactive, a stimulating experience for your dogs who like to sniff stuff out.  
  • This bundle is great for small to medium sized dogs. 
    • Chew Meter: 4
    • V-Score: 3; Chewing, Fetching, Interactive
    • Eco-Scale: 3 
      • Vegan: no
      • Sizing: 2 Red Blue TenniX Balls: 2.7” ; Geo Ball: 9.4” ; Pink Geo Toy: 3.5” ; Bamboo Treat Stick: 8” 
      • Pieces: 5
      • Great for small to medium sized dogs 

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