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Matcha Latte Bites

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These decadent bites are your ultimate keto-friendly treat. They're packed with high quality fats from organic coconut (high in MCTs), almonds, and macadamia. At 1g net carb per serving (< 1g sugar) they're a true low-carb snack you can be excited about eating.

This flavor includes a creamy vanilla macadamia-hazelnut butter filling and ceremonial-grade green tea matcha powder. We use clean simple ingredients with a natural sweetener blend of monk fruit and organic erythritol to create a snack both your tastebuds and body will love!

4 Packs x 8-bites per pack = 32 Bites Total


8 Packs x 8-bites per pack = 64 Bites Total

INGREDIENTS: Organic Coconut, Almonds, Organic Hemp Protein, Non-GMO Allulose, Cashews, Macadamia, Organic Coconut Oil, Ceremonial Matcha Powder, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Monk Fruit Extract



With so many low carb snacks out there WHY choose Revol Snax?

✔️ UNCOMPROMISINGLY DELICIOUS ❤️: We care about flavor as much as ingredients. Healthy snacks shouldn’t sacrifice taste. Our products are decadent -- a must try for anyone who cares about delicious taste!

✔️ REAL INGREDIENTS 💯: Our snacks are minimally processed and made with mostly organic ingredients. No vegetable oils, dairy, or anything artificial. Feel good about our wholesome ingredients without sugar!  

✔️ WON’T SPIKE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR 👋: We use ingredients that are truly low carb & keto-friendly*. We knocked out common sneaky carbs found in “low carb” packaged products:

- No Processed Fiber Syrups like Tapioca, IMO, or Corn Fiber - No Grains, Starches, or Fillers - No Sugar like Dates, Honey, or Maple Syrup 

Say, “Adios!” to sugar crashes, appetite swings, and feeling hangry!  *We verify our net carb counts with glucose testing to make sure they’re trustworthy. 

✔️ HIGH QUALITY FATS 🥥: Healthy fats are optimal metabolic fuel and provide stable energy. Our snacks have monounsaturated fats from nuts and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut, which are not only delicious and satiating, but good for you too! 

✔️ 100% PLANT-BASED 🌱: We prioritize sustainability by using only plant-based ingredients to minimize our carbon footprint. Our snacks are made for sustainable living and plant-based lifestyles! 

✔️  BE PART OF THE REVOLUTION 💫Together we’ll conquer healthy snacking without sugar and carbs, once and for all!



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Revol Snax is bringing clean, low-carb, plant-based snacks to the masses. Our secret: making them uncompromisingly delicious. They're simply the best sweet snacks without sugar and carbs. We're on a mission to sustainably remove sugar and processed carbs from the packaged food chain. All our products are keto, paleo, and 100% plant-based so consumers can stay on their diet while enjoying REAL food with no sugar. We've mastered the craft of using natural non-sugar sweeteners to create clean, sweet flavor profiles that taste like your favorite treats. We're committed to sustainability in everything we do. This includes responsible ingredient sourcing, eco-friendly packaging, and carbon emission offsets. Our snacks are sweet treats that are better for you, your taste buds, and the planet! Our Ethos: Revolutionize the Status Quo. We started out as frustrated consumers who wanted a better solution. After adopting a low carb diet, we had a problem finding high quality snacks that weren't loaded with sugar and processed carbs. -Dave Birsen and Nadine Calderon Co-Founders, Revol Snax
Matcha Latte Bites