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Our Mini Ceramic Floral Bouquet Collection fills the room with warm nostalgia and excites the home with dreams of whimsical days gone by. 

Your blush roses are uniquely handcrafted and ideal for smaller rooms, wherein their scent can truly blossom. So whether you’re working, relaxing, or reminiscing with loved ones, embrace the day with Penny & Rose, and discover a scent for your thoughts.

Set Contains: 7 Blush Rose Ceramic Fragrance Diffusers, 1 Taberna Spanish Glass Bottle with  3 oz / 89 ml Premium Fragrance Oil

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Remove cork by twisting it clockwise or counterclockwise while gently pulling upwards. Do not rock cork side to side, as this may cause breakage.  In the unlikely event that the cork breaks, utilize a corkscrew to remove the remaining part.

Place flowers into Penny & Rose bottle with the reeds submerged in the oil*. The ceramic flowers will absorb the oil through the reeds and disperse the fragrance about the room. Please allow 24-48 hours for the fragrance to properly diffuse. Avoid contact with furniture, fabrics, and finished surfaces as spillage may cause staining.  Product will effectively diffuse for approximately 3 months.

* The flower reeds can be trimmed with a sharp pair of scissors to create your desired bouquet height


Product Dimensions:

  • Ceramic Floral Bouquet* (7 flowers): .5" diameter x 7.5" length
  • Oil Bottle: 3 oz / 89 ml  | 1.8" square x 3.75" height
  • Packaging Box: 3.25" length x 3.25" width x 8.25" height
*Our ceramic floral diffusers are handmade and may have slight variances in size 

    Optimal Product Placement:

    • Ideal for smaller rooms; foyer, powder room, walk in closet, office, small bedroom.
    • Place fragrance diffuser in a high traffic, warm area with good airflow to effectively disperse the scent.
    • Do not place fragrance diffuser next to an open window or any area where the scent may be pushed out of the room. Air must be circulating into a room, not out, to effectively disperse the scent.

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    Penny & Rose

    Minimum $250
    Garrett Park, MD
    My initial goal was to launch a line of unique home fragrance products that doubled beautifully as home decor. As I assembled my products - floral diffusers, sprays and scents that I felt met this goal, my mind continually wandered to my grandparents’ farm in western Pennsylvania. Each scent was filling me with some precious memory from the “good ‘ol days” down on the farm. I leaned into that desire, and thus, my goal extended far beyond what I had first envisioned. I named the company Penny & Rose, a nod to my beloved grandparents, who taught us generosity, compassion, and kindness above all else, and I believe our scent stories reflect these same core values. Furthermore, each scent is named after a distinct memory gleaned from the farm, and each product is carefully selected and beautifully packaged in the spirit of discovery. Because of Penny & Rose, I seek to leave a trail of kindness everywhere I go and encourage my customers to do the same. While the entire brand is immersed in my family’s stories, it is my hope that you’ll discover a scent for your thoughts as well and be pleasantly transported to the simpler days that make up the scrapbook of your own life.
    ~ Mini Ceramic Floral Diffuser | Blus...