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Our Sunrise Teardrop Earrings are 1.5 inches long and are lead and nickel free.

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All Up In The Hair

Minimum $75
Mooresville, NC
Hey There! I'm Heather, the owner of All Up In The Hair - your one-stop hair accessories shop! I'd offer you a cup of chai, but physical objects don't navigate the digital landscape successfully, so you'll just have to pretend while I drink from this real mug (assuming one of my three children hasn't stolen or knocked it over). Creating has been a constant thread in my life; from making DMC floss friendship bracelets with my younger sister to sell to our childhood mailman, (thanks, mailman, for ALWAYS buying our stuff) to creating jewelry with copper wires, glass beads, and other adulty items (no offense DMC floss) as a legit business (which attracted people other than our childhood mailman!). Then, one day, I had an idea to try something different: bobby pins. They sold out on the first day. It didn't take long to realize that my bobby pins were a super fun and affordable way for people to express themselves and, as a bonus, gave them an extra boost of confidence. I had stumbled upon a way that I could help people feel beautiful and confident in a world where expressing yourself is increasingly tricky or expensive. I love to hear my customer's stories about sneaking in their fun personality with bobby pins because they can't have fun hair or tattoos at work (fortunately I allow that because I’m my boss). How cool is that? A little self-expression goes a long way.
Sunrise Teardrop Earrings - Wholesale