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Put Away Paper-Based Custom Sales Order Forms—For Good

June 19, 2018 by Chris Layne

In the past, paper was the go-to choice for most sales organizations that needed custom sales order forms. Today, businesses can choose between a variety of more convenient options. Instead of paper sales order forms, sales reps can place orders using mobile apps on their smartphones and tablets. Which choice is right for your business?…Read more

Wholesale Marketing Collateral: Supporting the Customer Journey

May 21, 2018 by Johnny Marx

What kind of wholesale marketing collateral is needed to support your business? This can be a tough question for many wholesale distributors and manufacturers. With the advent of online marketing tools, B2B eCommerce portals, and the like, some wholesale brands and distributors might be wondering if investing in other marketing collateral is a waste of…Read more

How to Hire Independent Sales Reps to Represent Your Brand

May 18, 2018 by Sarah Leung

For many brands that sell wholesale, utilizing independent reps and rep firms is a key part of their sales strategy. For some, it’s not cost-effective to employ in-house reps, or they simply need to get feet on the ground quickly without having to put resources into establishing a salaried team. Others recognize the depth of the…Read more

Visual Merchandising & In-Store Marketing Best Practices

May 16, 2018 by Nick Flambard

If you are a manufacturer or wholesale distributor selling products in a retail environment, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Visual merchandising is one key strategy for bringing your products front and center. One part an appeal to aesthetics and one part science, visual merchandising is a time-honored practice that achieves results….Read more

A Primer on Food and Beverage Distribution

May 15, 2018 by Daniella Shtemberg

Food and Beverage Distribution Models Since supermarkets and superstores became the norm for shoppers, most food reaches the table after passing through a complex supply chain that moves it from growers, producers, and factories to a network of wholesale food distributors and grocery store distribution centers, from which products are ultimately delivered to store shelves….Read more

Mobile Commerce Definition & Why It Matters in B2B

May 10, 2018 by Chris Russillo

Mobile technology has transformed how we live our lives. It’s changed the way we search for information, consume content, and communicate with others. It has also changed our purchasing behavior. With mobile commerce, we can now make purchases anytime, anywhere, on a device that fits in our pockets. This is not only true of consumer purchases––it’s rapidly becoming the case…Read more

Building a Sales Team from the Ground Up

by Johnny Marx

For wholesale distributors thinking about building a sales team from scratch or considering transitioning from independent sales reps to an internal team, figuring out where to start can seem pretty daunting. Especially for businesses still in “start-up mode,” processes related to hiring and firing may not be firmly established. We’ve gathered a few ideas and…Read more

Sales Territory Management: 5 Best Practices

May 8, 2018 by Brandon Gracey

For wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers with larger sales teams, territory management is key to making sure that sales reps are putting their time and energy where it will have the most impact, maximizing every in-person appointment and minimizing windshield time for low-return accounts. The process involves effectively segmenting customers and prospects so that sales managers…Read more

How to Get PR for your Wholesale Product or Brand

May 3, 2018 by Nick Flambard

Can you name the top five to ten brands that are getting a lot of publicity lately? According to the “Brand Visibility Report” from social media monitoring platform Brandwatch, the companies that topped the list in 2017 were global B2C companies like McDonalds, Nike and Adidas. But there were some big B2B companies in the…Read more

The SCOR Model and Supply Chain Management

by Allen Malapit

One of the most promising models for strategic decision-making in supply chain management is known as the SCOR model. 70 leading members of the manufacturing, distribution, and solutions supplier industries (in collaboration with the Supply Chain Council) developed the management tool, which is short for “supply chain operations reference model.” The program has been designed…Read more