6 Pinterest Marketing Tips To Build Brand Awareness

Sarah Leung
March 4, 2015

With nearly 50 million users, Pinterest marketing has become an important tool for many brands. Surprisingly, successful pinners don’t just exist within “expected” industries like food & beverage, apparel, or gift. There are brands that you wouldn’t necessarily think of as successful Pinterest marketers who’ve been able to leverage the social media platform in brilliant ways. In one example, paint brand Benjamin Moore has gained nearly 35,000 followers by creating Pinterest boards that collect painting project ideas, color palettes, decorating tips, and images of beautiful rooms painted with Benjamin Moore colors. Likewise, corporate giant GE has brought their successful visual storytelling strategy to Pinterest, highlighting their brand values with boards like, “The Art of Innovation” and “Lighting the World.” With 24,000 followers and counting, this behemoth of a brand has managed to provide some of the inspiration that continues to drive millions of users to Pinterest daily. Both of these brands do much of their business through wholesale channels, and Pinterest marketing has proven to be a useful way to boost brand awareness. Whether your company already has a Pinterest account or you have yet to get started, here are some tips to help you build your brand, one pin at a time.

6 Pinterest Marketing Tips to Build Brand Awareness

1. Think about topics peripherally related to your brand. Think fun.

When choosing images to pin to your boards, think outside the box. If you’re a wholesale brand selling camping supplies, you’re not going to get many followers by pinning just product photos of tents and sleeping bags. Remember that Pinterest is all about inspiration. Think about the role your brand and products play in people’s lives, and go from there. To go back to our camping gear example, you can set up boards like, “Best Hikes in North America” or “Camping with Kids.” This approach connects the brand with a love of the outdoors and also provides the valuable content needed to grow a following.

2. Pin the right way.

Yes, there is a “right” way to pin. The most important point is to pick high-quality images. Pinterest is all about visuals, and a low quality images can mar the overall quality of your boards and turn off potential followers. Also place your focus on vertically-oriented images, which are much more likely to be seen and re-pinned. Horizontal images get much less real estate on the screen, and can be quickly passed over or missed. Finally, be sure to add detailed descriptions to every pin. The keywords in your description will help Pinterest users find your images via search.

3. Create a resource.

Treating your Pinterest boards as useful resources can help you quickly build a following. You can even do a keyword search to find out what kind of information people are looking for, and name your boards accordingly. To once again return to the outdoor brand example, you could create resources like “Easy Camping Recipes” or “Gifts for Outdoor Adventurers.” This is a great way to drive search traffic, while also building brand awareness. You can also create resources for your existing customer base, like “Our Best-selling Gear,” or “The Women’s Ski & Snowboard Collection,” with pins that link directly back to your site.

4. Pin videos.

Most people think of Pinterest solely as an image resource, but you can actually pin videos to your boards as well. Generating creative and useful video content can drive more views and build a sense of trust and authenticity for your brand. Things like how-to videos are extremely successful on Pinterest, where people are actively searching for ideas. If you already have video resources like this, you can repurpose them on Pinterest to get more eyes on them.

5. Promote your Pinterest presence on other social media.

If you’ve already built a following on other social media, like Facebook or Twitter, drive traffic to your Pinterest account by promoting it through those channels. The fact is, your social followers might not even know you have a Pinterest account! If you have an exciting or popular board that you think would be of interest to your existing following, post about it on Facebook or Twitter. You might be surprised how many new Pinterest followers you get out of the deal.

6. Concentrate on variety, and don’t over-promote your own products.

Variety is crucial to getting more followers on Pinterest. The biggest mistake that many brands make is to only pin their own images. Concentrate on providing valuable content, not promoting your products. Questions about how to leverage Pinterest in your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below.