7 Powerful B2B eCommerce Features

Alden Morse
March 4, 2016

As your business goes about vetting B2B eCommerce solutions and implementing your online ordering portal, a key question that will inevitably come up is, exactly what kinds of B2B eCommerce features should your portal have in place? After all, not all B2B eCommerce solutions are created equal. We’re here to help. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key B2B eCommerce features your solution should offer you and your customers.

7 Powerful B2B eCommerce Features


Unlike B2C eCommerce, a B2B eCommerce portal should allow manufacturers and distributors to create a personalized experience at the customer level. Individual customer login access should ensure that you’re providing the exact information you want to provide to each of your retailers, including customer-specific catalogs and pricing. With greater control over who accesses your online ordering portal, you can keep any exclusive information for each retailer confidential, while also providing the kind of tailored experience that your customers are looking for.


Seller review is a great way to ensure that orders submitted by your customers online meet all of your requirements, including order minimums, ship date restrictions, etc. In a nutshell, when a customer submits an order, an admin or sales rep can go in and review that order before manually confirming it. This also gives reps a chance to reopen the conversation with customers, answer any questions they might have about a product, and upsell new products.


If you are working with a just-in-time inventory strategy, and you frequently have products that need to be backordered, including real-time inventory data on your B2B eCommerce portal can be a great way to reduce those backorders by allowing customers to see what’s in stock and find alternatives if a certain product isn’t available.


B2B eCommerce can unlock many new opportunities when it comes to B2B marketing. While in the past, it may have been difficult to keep your brand front-of-mind among your customers, including promotional messaging on your B2B eCommerce portal can keep them engaged year-round. Your B2B eCommerce solution should have customizable messaging blocks that allow you to call attention to any relevant promotions. You should also be able to provide easy access to key brand collateral, from PDFs of your catalog to product training videos and merchandising guidelines.


Giving your customers full visibility into their order history is key, especially when it comes to placing reorders. By giving them the ability to simply pull up a past order, duplicate it, and place it as a reorder, you’ll be making it incredibly easy for them to do business with your brand and place orders more often. This is especially important for manufacturers and distributors in industries that must accommodate frequent reordering.


Your B2B eCommerce solution should allow you to customize the look and feel of the portal according to your brand’s own design elements. You should be able to easily customize your logo, colors, backgrounds, and other imagery throughout the experience to ensure that even though you’ve implemented a ready-out-of-the-box B2B eCommerce solution, it stays consistent with your brand’s aesthetic.


This seems like a relatively obvious point to bring up, and it isn’t exactly a “feature” per se, but its importance cannot be overstated. Providing an intuitive experience that mirrors familiar B2C eCommerce experiences is key to the success of your B2B portal. You must make it incredibly easy for customers to independently login, browse the catalog, educate themselves about your products, add products to an order, and check out with their payment and shipping details already in the system. Questions about any of these B2B eCommerce features? Let us know in the comments.