3 Top Calendar Apps for Sales Reps

Mandy Movahhed
July 3, 2014

For any business professional, the ability to accurately and efficiently manage one's calendar is important. For the traveling sales rep who's constantly on the go (and constantly in sales appointments), calendar management is mission critical. From adding and modifying sales meetings, to knowing where one's going next, to quickly touching base with one's customers - sales reps have specific calendar needs that, fortunately, are met by some great calendar apps. We've taken the liberty to share a few of them with you below.

The Top Calendar Apps for Sales Reps

Here are three top calendar apps that are well suited for sales reps!


Tempo is a "smart" calendar app that is not designed specifically for sales people, but has a ton of functionality that make sense for sales reps. You can associate contacts with each of your calendar appointments and easily text, email or call your contacts directly from the app, without having to bother with jumping out to the Contacts section of your phone. Each meeting can also be associated with a location, and with a simple click you can view directions - Tempo even suggests parking options in your location. In the event that you're running late to a sales appointment (which, we're sure never happens!) Tempo even has a feature that you can let your customers know just how many minutes behind you are with one tap. Another great feature is the ability to attach spreadsheets or other files to your calendar event, in case there are supplemental materials you might need to close the sale. Side note: Tempo has some pretty cool social features, like allowing you to easily view the mutual LinkedIn connections of each of your contacts, even in the calendar view.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is more than just a calendar app, but we thought it deserved a mention. It integrates your iOS device's contacts, locations, and calendar, allowing individual reps and enterprise sales forces to better plan, manage and close more deals. The beauty of this app is the convenience of pulling your existing calendar and contacts into one central place. Sales Navigator has a great route mapping function that allows you to see your sales appointments laid out across Google maps, and in the iPad view, you can utilize the horizontal screen real estate to view a list of your calendar appointments alongside the visual map of your appointments for the day. You can also easily create sales appointments to add to your calendar directly from the Contact view. Sales Navigator also integrates to Salesforce, in case that's your thing.


Sunrise is a free calendar app that's made for Exchange and Google calendar. It's known for it's simplicity and ease of use - especially with adding and editing calendar events. For Google calendar users - events sync immediately. Sunrise allows you to view multiple calendars in the same view, and set up is quick and easy. It works on iOS and web. Some of Sunrise's other awesome features:

  • Timezone support - for reps on the road and crossing into multiple timezones - Sunrise will automatically adjust your appointment to the correct time.
  • Integrations with apps like Tripit, so you can easily maintain (and not duplicate) all your travel info in one central place.
  • You can share calendar details with your contacts over email or text with one simple tap.
  • Anytime you have a meeting with someone with a Google profile image, their photo will show up in your main calendar view. It's a great visual refresher if who you'll be meeting with.
  • Visual icons that are associated with event types, and are automatically generated based on keywords in your event title. For example, there are icons that represent Lunch, Coffee, and Happy Hour meetings. It's a nice touch.

That's it, folks! Use a calendar app you think is missing from the list? Let us know! Check out our posts on receipt tracking apps, travel apps, and to-do list apps for more recommendations.