Best Portable Chargers For Sales Reps

Sarah Leung
October 14, 2014

Nothing induces soul-crushing anxiety quite like watching the battery life drain from that little icon on your phone or tablet. It’s the universal struggle of the digital age—a delicate balance of conservation and careful rationing that makes you wonder how “mobile” your device really is. For despite these valiant efforts, all it takes is one Facetime call or GPS navigation to make your screen go unceremoniously black. Cue panic. For sales reps conducting their entire business day almost exclusively on mobile devices, there’s much more at stake than a newsfeed update or game of 2048. A drained battery can mean lost business at a tradeshow or sales meeting, and even if you keep your tangle of chargers nearby, there’s no telling when you’ll find a blessed electrical outlet. Enter: the portable battery charger. These small, useful tools let you charge your device while working on the move and navigate your day without the crutch of a dying battery. Whether you use your phone or tablet to write sales orders, prepare between meetings, or make sales presentations, we’ve outlined several options that will help make sure your mobile office runs smoothly for as long as you need it.

Best Portable Chargers: Great All-Around Options

Perfect for those looking for a balance between power and portability.

Anker 2nd Gen Astro3

Capacity: 12,000mAh Outputs: 3 ports Weight: 10.6 oz. (300g) Price: $45.99 The Astro3 is one of the best portable chargers on the market. Its “PowerIQ” technology makes sure that all devices charge at their maximum rate by detecting and adapting to the charging protocol of each individual device. Its 3 ports allow for maximum versatility and simultaneous use, and a helpful 10-point LED indicator provides a detailed look at the battery’s status. Other useful features include an automatic shut-off and a low-battery warning. It will hold its charge for months, though it takes about 10 hours to fully charge. Relative to it’s power, the Astro3 is fairly lightweight, at 10.6 oz. However, it’s important to note that this charger can’t charge devices like small cameras, some GPS units, and any other device with an input current below 80 mA. Due to the automatic shut-off function, the charger won’t turn on if your device isn’t pumping enough charge from it. Anker also has great customer support and an excellent 18-month warranty if you experience any problems.

Jackery Giant+

Capacity: 12000 mAh Outputs: 2 ports Weight: 10.4 oz. (295g) Price: $39.95 The very sleek Jackery Giant+ has two ports, so that you can charge your phone and tablet simultaneously (and at the same rate). Weighing in at 10.4 oz, the Jackery Giant+ also isn’t the lightest charger on the list, but for those who don’t want to sacrifice power for size, this is another great option. Available in four colors, the Jackery Giant+ boasts the ability to add 500%-600% extra battery life to an iPhone. Like the Astro3, LED indicators tell you how much power is left in the battery, and an automatic shut-off function helps prevent power from draining while idle. Furthermore, whether you’re using this battery at a tradeshow or on a camping trip, you can tap the power button twice to turn on the battery’s flashlight feature. This can be a lifesaver when digging through boxes or even a large purse. If you happen to not use it that often, the Giant+ will hold a charge for up to 6 months. Like the Astro3, however, it takes 10 hours to fully recharge.

IntoCircuit Power Castle

Capacity: 11,200mAh Outputs: 2 ports Weight: 9.9 oz. (280g) Price: $29.99 The IntoCircuit Power Castle is a great option for those who need a faster charge. Research has shown that the Power Castle has one of the fastest charging rates out there, which means that when you’re really in a rush, this battery can give you the juice you need. It can keep your smartphone charged for a few days (at about 3-5 cycles), or give you a few more precious hours on your iPad (it can reportedly charge an iPad to about 60% of a full cycle). This is also a battery that gives you an LCD screen with the battery percentage in digital view, rather than a range based on lights. Despite this, users do say that once it dips below 50% capacity, the battery doesn’t seem to be able to report its levels as accurately. Regardless of these minor flaws, the IntoCircuit Power Castle is at a great price point, and is still regarded as one of the best portable chargers out there.

LimeFuel Blast L130X

Capacity: 13,000 mAh Outputs: 2 ports Weight: 11.4 oz. (320g) Price – $39.99 Though the LimeFuel is comparable in size and power to great chargers like the Astro3 and Giant+, this charger is the only one on this list that was designed to support pass-through charging, in which you can charge devices while the battery pack itself is being charged. This can be helpful if you have only one outlet, but want to charge the LimeFuel along with other devices. It is a compact charger relative to its power, with dimensions of 3.1 x 0.9 x 4.5 inches. It takes about 9 hours for the LimeFuel battery to recharge, and it can fully recharge your iPad when it’s done. One downside is that LimeFuel’s support team is reportedly lackluster compared to some of these other manufacturers.

Best Portable Chargers: The Heavy Duty Option

For the business traveler toting multiple devices, when power is paramount.

RAVPower Xtreme Portable Battery Charger

Capacity: 23,000mAh Outputs: 3 ports Weight: 20.8 oz. (590g) Price: $99.99 The most powerful charger on the list, the RAVPower Xtreme battery pack can charge not just your phone or tablet, but also a laptop. Although it comes with a series of laptop connector tips, however, it does not include an adapter to charge a Macbook, which loses points with us. However, you can simultaneously charge up to 3 devices (including iPads and iPhones), and an LCD screen keeps you updated on the charging status and current battery levels. There is a price to pay for all that power, however. This device is significantly bulkier than other portable batteries out there, with a weight of 1.3 pounds and dimensions at 7.3 x 0.8 x 4.9 inches. The $100 price point is also more than double those of the previous contenders. What you gain in capacity, you lose in both portability and affordability, so be prepared to have the RAVPower add to your load.

Best Portable Chargers: Lightweight Options

For maximum portability and long days on the move.

Lumsing Harmonica Style Portable Power Bank

Capacity: 10,400mAh Outputs: 2 ports Weight: 8.5 oz. (240g) Price – $19.99 For a lightweight value for money, the Lumsing Power Bank provides an easy fix to your charging woes. This simple battery has 2 charging ports, and although it only has four lights to show you its remaining power levels (each representing 25% charge remaining), it’s hard to argue with the factors of price and portability. Its relatively lightweight, slim design is a great feature, and as an added bonus, it only takes about 6 ½ hours to recharge.

EasyAcc Brilliant Ultra Slim Power Bank

Capacity: 5,000mAh Outputs: 1 port Weight: 4.7 oz. (130g) Price: $16.99 This EasyAcc charger is truly your “in a pinch” back-up—a small, no-frills single-port charger that you can throw in your bag for a couple emergency charges. The manufacturer claims that it will hold a charge for six months, and charge your phone at maximum speed. As the cheapest device on this list, it's important to note that you do get what you pay for. At just 5,000 mAh, it has much less power and versatility than the other chargers featured. But for those who want to throw their portable charger in a pocket or small bag every day, this is a great option.   So there you have it! The best portable chargers for your most power-hungry mobile devices. With these tools, you’re ready for a worry-free day of closing sales and writing orders. You’ll never have to awkwardly search behind potted plants and furniture for outlets in public again. We promise.