Choosing a Sales Order App: 3 Key Considerations

Monica Orrigo
March 30, 2015

If you’ve already decided that it’s time to transform your wholesale sales team with a digital sales order app that speeds up your sales, order writing and fulfillment process, it’s time to consider how you’re going to get there. If you’ve chosen to go with a dedicated software vendor, as opposed to a custom-built software solution (a smart move, as you’ll see here), your next challenge is to choose which vendor to work with. Here are three key tips and considerations to keep in mind throughout your search.

3 Considerations for Choosing a Sales Order App

1. Look for robust simplicity and a focused user experience.

Seek a really robust, easy-to-use solution rather than extraneous bells and whistles and long features lists. Key to successful long-term adoption of a digital sales order solution across an organization is stable backend technology and an intuitive user experience. The transactions these solutions handle are the lifeblood of any wholesaler, and they need to operate consistently and correctly.

2. Pay close attention to the scalability of any digital solution.

The right solution will scale as the organization grows so that it can accurately and efficiently process a wider range and larger number of transactions while maintaining a growing volume of transaction history. The best way to determine whether a vendor can scale with your business is to see their existing list of customers. In addition to small and medium sized businesses, do they also serve large, enterprise-level customers?

3. Smooth integration is a must.

Even a comprehensive solution needs to communicate seamlessly with external systems, such as accounting applications and ERPs. The more efficiently and accurately this occurs, the sooner the solution can provide value to the organization. Find vendors who have experience with these kinds of integrations. Throughout the vetting process, be sure to ask these questions for evaluating software vendors, as well as these questions to ask during a software demo. Questions for us? Let us know in the comments.