How to Get PR for your Wholesale Product or Brand

Nick Flambard
May 3, 2018

Can you name the top five to ten brands that are getting a lot of publicity lately? According to the “Brand Visibility Report” from social media monitoring platform Brandwatch, the companies that topped the list in 2017 were global B2C companies like McDonalds, Nike and Adidas. But there were some big B2B companies in the top ten as well, including Google, Apple and Amazon. What do brands like these have in common? One common factor is these brands’ massive budgets. However, these brands also know how to get PR to share their message effectively. Learning how gain publicity for your wholesale products takes time and effort. But there’s a great payoff. Recent studies have shown that good old-fashioned PR is nearly 90 times as effective at building brand awareness as advertising. And the cost for many PR tactics is very affordable, even with a small budget.

Why PR is a Smart Investment

The “Rule of seven” in marketing tells us that prospective customers won’t seriously consider a marketing message until they’ve been exposed to it at least seven times. That’s because messages become more effective the more they are repeated. In fact, a Microsoft study found that the optimal number of exposures to an audio message was somewhere between 6 and 20. That number is growing as our daily ad exposures increase. PR is a cost-effective way to increase the number of exposures your customers have to your message. An added benefit is that because publicity and PR comes from a third party, that message becomes more credible. Third party messages – whether from a member of the media, an expert or influencer like a product reviewer, an existing customer or a social media contact – can help to overcome skepticism because of a little thing called social proof, also called “normative social influence”: the tendency of people to want to be liked by, feel similar to or accepted by an influencer or society at large.

How to Get PR for Your Wholesale Product

If you’re wondering how to get PR for a wholesale product, it’s helpful to think in terms of earned, owned or paid media.

  • Earned media is coverage that you earn by having a great story and sharing it with the right people. These might be journalists, influencers or reviewers that cover products like yours.
  • Owned media are those outlets that you own, such as your website, social media pages or email lists.
  • Paid media refers to publicity you pay for, such as submitting a press release to a news wire or running an advertisement online or in a trade publication.

An effective PR campaign will include all three types of media: earned, owned and paid. So how do you get started? The first step is to decide what your goals are. Then, do your research. Find out how and where your customers get their information. A recent study of B2B buyers found that about 41 percent of corporate buyers today are millennials. Like most millennials, the vast majority of them – more than 90 percent – prefer to research independently rather than turn to a vendor for product information. So, where are they doing their research? Focus your PR efforts to where your customers are. Once you’ve determined where your audience goes for their information, it’s time to craft an effective message with three key differentiators for your product or brand and customize that message for the right medium and audience. Now, it’s time to get some publicity for your product. Here's how to get PR:  1 .Be Newsworthy The first step for many wholesale manufacturers and distributors who want to get some publicity  is to craft a press release, submit it to a wire service like PR Newsire or PRWeb and post it to their website. If all you’re interested in doing is making an announcement about your product launch, this is a good place to start. But if you’d like journalists to amplify your efforts, you also need to communicate what’s newsworthy about your product, or find an angle. Some ideas: try creating your own news by performing a user survey and announcing its results, publishing some unique market research or connecting your product to a story that’s in the news. 2. Extend Your Reach Wire services can distribute your release to media contacts or an industry list; you can also create your own targeted lists of personal contacts, subscribers who have opted in to receive emails from your company, or pay to rent a list of potential customers. You could even purchase ad space on websites that you know your potential customers visit regularly, such as a news or industry publication, to further extend the reach of your release.   3. Try HARO Have you heard of HARO, or Help a Reporter Out? It’s a meeting place for storytellers, like reporters and freelance writers, and the sources and brands who have stories to tell. Sign up as a source and you’ll receive email queries three times a day from reporters looking for experts in a wide variety of fields. If a query matches up with your brand story or product capabilities, respond quickly and you just might be featured in a print publication or online. 4. Start a Blog A brand or product blog can also generate positive publicity. The key, however, is to build your audience. Each post needs to be distributed to your email lists and social media accounts in order to effectively publicize your product and its benefits. A great blog can establish your expertise and position your company as a leader in your product category. 5. Influencer Marketing Another way to get PR for your wholesale product is by building relationships with online influencers. Who are the bloggers or personalities that have the most influence on potential customers for your brand? Reach out to them with your story and find a way to get them talking about your business and wholesale product on their blog. Offer them an opportunity to try and review your product. 5. Social Media One of the quickest and easiest ways of gaining publicity for your wholesale product on Facebook and Twitter is by creating a brand page and keeping it updated with content – product demos, live streams from trade shows, or even day-in-the-life videos from your office or factory floor are a few easy ways to create simple, shareable content on these platforms. Video content is one of the most effective ways to get publicity on social media, since it gets more views, clicks and likes than other types of content. Try creating a simple one-minute animated video using a tool like Animoto or Moovly. Host those videos on YouTube or Vimeo, then share them with influencers, or on social media platforms. If your budget allows, you can even branch out into paying for sponsored posts on Facebook, which allows you to share the videos with targeted demographics that are most likely to be interested in your wholesale product. LinkedIn is also an important platform for B2B manufacturers and distributors. However, keep in mind that the LinkedIn audience is business oriented, so the message you’ll need to share here is different from what you might share on consumer platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Focus on how your product can benefit your audience’s business or impact their industry. We think once you get started, you’ll find PR is worth the time, effort and budget. The sooner you get started, the sooner your business will grow! Have you had great success getting publicity for your wholesale product? We’d love to hear your advice on how to get PR for your brand and products in the comments.