How to Increase Traffic On Your Brand's Website

Jeff Reekers
June 23, 2015

Whether you are in the process of building a new brand or revamping an old website, building a site that gains the traffic you need can be a challenge. You’ve probably already got the basics down: a clean layout that is intuitive, fast and mobile responsive. Bravo! Now how do you get people to actually go to your site? Here are 5 ways you can increase your site traffic and gain customer loyalty.

How to Increase Traffic On Your Website

Start a Company Blog

A blog is a great way to generate site traffic because you are constantly adding and indexing new content for search engines and readers to find. Publishing high quality articles that are relevant to your target audience will generate more incoming links to your site, strengthen your brand, and increase loyalty from readers who may already be, or become, your customers. You don’t have to necessarily create just written content for your blog. It’s good to also incorporate video, graphics, resource lists, high quality images, and infographics. Establish a voice and always keep your target audience in mind. Don’t forget to encourage your readers to contribute, and include a comments section where they can start a dialogue.

Build Backlinks

We don’t mean to sound like the bully on the playground here, but popularity is a pretty good indicator of a website’s value. Backlinks from other web pages pointing to your site are a great measure of popularity. Aim to gain backlinks from established websites or sponsored posts for lifestyle bloggers with high domain authority. Backlinks are different from internal links, which are important to incorporate in your blog as well. Publishing credible and insightful content worthy of a link is a good way to build backlinks naturally, but it may take some time to get recognized. A great way to speed the process along is to use a Backlink Builder where you can enter keywords and find relevant websites to post articles and gain backlinks to your site.

Become an SEO Junkie

If you’re aiming to get your web pages high in the search results of large search engines like Google, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential. Say you run a pet supply distribution business in White Plains, NY. If you search “pet supply distribution in New York,” and your competitors’ sites pop up instead of yours, it’s time to get on the SEO bandwagon. Some basic SEO principles include creating brief, descriptive and relevant page titles and utilizing keywords in your content, URLs, meta descriptions, page titles, and image file names. It also involves building backlinks, as we talked about in our previous point. This Beginner’s Guide to SEO can provide more insight on where and how to get started.

Be a Social Butterfly

Social media can be key to getting your brand and your website recognized. If you haven’t done so already, create a branded hashtag and use it when you tweet or post to Instagram, or to host twitter chats that engage readers and spark conversation. Also, post articles to LinkedIn and Facebook, both your own content as well as articles relevant to your field. Pay attention to the comments and respond to your followers. This is a great way to establish credibility and show your network that you are in-the-know. Just be careful not to overdo it- you don’t want to flood your networks feed to the point of becoming obnoxious. You can also use Pinterest to build brand awareness, feature products, and drive traffic to your site.

Pay Attention to Google Analytics

If you are already familiar with the suggestions above, an important next step is to pay attention to Google Analytics data. Google Analytics gives you invaluable information about your most popular pages, and what demographic is viewing them. Once you are able to see how and when people come to your site, where they’re going, and how long they’re staying, you can use that information to tailor your content to your readers’ habits and preferences, post at optimal times, and distribute your content in more effective ways. It is always a good idea to do research on the competition and keep current on what is trending in your field--attend conferences, host and attend Webinars, and connect with industry leaders. These are just a few of the many ways you can increase site traffic and brand awareness. Get creative, and get out there! Have you used any of the strategies above for your own website, or have suggestions or great tips on how to increase traffic? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!