Interactive Booth Ideas for Your Next Trade Show

Chris Layne
February 17, 2016

With digital technology more ubiquitous and widely available than ever, trade show exhibitors are coming up with innovative ways to engage attendees with interactive booth experiences that attract, educate, and excite. Taking interactive booth ideas and making them a reality can be a difficult proposition, but it can also yield high rewards:

  • Digital media can help you quickly and easily customize content for every trade show you exhibit at, and even personalize the experience for individual attendees.
  • You can  scale these experiences up or down, depending on your booth size––creating content that can fill a large screen or a small kiosk.
  • Presenting content in fresh new ways can create a modern perception for your brand, while attracting attendees to your booth.
  • You can use interactive experiences to capture lead information and develop reporting on how attendees interact with the content in your exhibits, like the length of time spent on certain content.

If you’re looking to take your booth experience to the next level with interactive digital media, here are a few ideas to get you started.

5 Interactive Booth Ideas

1. Touchscreen Kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks are one of the easiest ways to incorporate interactivity into your trade show booth. You can use these kiosks to conduct lead generation surveys, allow users to scroll through digital product catalogs, present product demonstration videos, and more. You can also provide entertaining gamification experiences that educate attendees about your offering. These kiosks allow attendees to take control of their own experience and seek out the information that they are interested in. They’re not only a great lead capture tool, they are also a way to spark conversations in the booth and optimize follow-up messaging after the show.

2. Presentations and Shows

Booth presentations have long been used to attract and engage trade show attendees. Using digital media to augment those presentations can be a great way to revitalize your booth presentation strategy. Exhibitors can use tools like live audience polling, animation, and multi-touch displays to enhance presentations and engage audiences with memorable experiences.

3. Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual reality is becoming an ever-more popular trade show tool. The novelty of VR experiences––from games to shows and other experiences––can generate buzz and encourage attendees to check out your booth out of sheer curiosity. Once there, branded VR experiences can immerse attendees in your brand’s messaging while also being highly entertaining and exciting.

4. Live Streams

Live streaming is an interesting way to engage both attendees at the show and perhaps those who could not attend. If you’re already planning on giving a presentation, a live video feed can allow you to spread that content out to your existing customers or prospects who aren’t present, allowing you to cast a wider net. Have people register for access to the live feed, so that you can follow up with them after the presentation.

5. Branded Visual Effects/Video Walls

Finally, branded visual effects can function similarly to trade show booth graphics, only in a much more exciting, eye-catching way. Think about how you can integrate audiovisual elements like video walls in to your trade show displays. What kind of imagery would you be able to high light? Can you show your products in action or present video testimonials from current customers? These branded audiovisuals can be a simple way to engage attendees at a direct and subliminal level. Have you incorporated interactive booth ideas into your trade show exhibit strategy? Tell us about it in the comments!