How a Mobile Ordering App Impacted Vita Lighting’s Sales & Fulfillment Processes

Sarah Leung
September 29, 2015

Vita Lighting is a Danish lighting company based in Copenhagen that focuses on affordable, sustainable lighting designs. Since 2008, Vita Lighting has been selling to furniture and lighting retailers in 40 countries around the world, as well as at trade shows like High Point Market, Las Vegas Market and NY NOW. According to Furniture & Ecommerce Market Sales Manager Jeffrey Opdyke, Vita Lighting is always looking for new ways to leverage technology to improve their business. For instance, they recently released an iOS app called Vita Unfold at Home that allows users to virtually place VITA lamps in any space. This thirst for innovation is what eventually led the company to replace their carbon paper order forms with a digital solution. “The problem with paper order forms is that people lose them––you can’t even go back to your email inbox to find them,” says Opdyke. “We needed a digital copy. That’s why we decided to use Handshake.” Since Vita Lighting adopted the Handshake mobile ordering app, the company has seen a number of positive impacts, including increased order value, fewer order cancellations, and happier customers.

Mobile Ordering App: The Impact

1. Bundling Products & Increasing Sales

“There are certain things that we’ve been able to do with this order writing software that we couldn’t do on paper,” Opdyke reports. “When customers aren’t quite sure what to order, we bundle packages together to make the process easier, and Handshake can automatically add those packages to an order. Customers can then get a full line from us, rather than just ordering piece by piece.”

2. Lowering Cancellation Rates

Because Vita Lighting can now capture customer payment information with the mobile order writing application and store it for future orders, the company is able to process orders more quickly, effectively shortening the cancellation window. “We’re taking customer signatures on the spot and scanning credit cards. This way, we don’t lose as many sales,” says Opdyke.

3. Providing Clear, Detailed Order Confirmations

Rather than a faded carbon paper copy that may or may not be legible, Vita Lighting is now able to email customers order confirmations with images and accurate pricing. “Customers are thrilled that we can immediately send them their invoice. They know what they ordered, how much it’ll cost, and when to expect it.” Best of all, both VITA Lighting and their customers have their orders as digital copies that won’t get lost in the shuffle.

4. Tracking Trade Show Sales

Vita Lighting is also using mobile order writing software on their iPads at trade shows. Not only does it make trade show meetings go faster, it has also helped the company track what they’re selling at each show, how much they’re selling, and therefore track their return on investment for each event. Questions about mobile order writing software? Let us know in the comments below.