From Paper to a Mobile Sales App

In business for eight years, Dublin Gift Company is a distributor of Irish gifts and novelties to over 500 retailers in the United States. The company is currently based in Millington, NJ and works with 16 different manufacturers.

Craig Lowy, President of Dublin Gift Company, recently replaced their paper order processing workflow with a mobile sales app at trade shows, and has since seen a huge impact on the company’s cash flow, order fulfillment speed, and customer satisfaction.

Taking the Stress Out of Trade Show Season

Dublin Gift Company has exhibited at trade shows like the Philadelphia Gift Show and NY NOW for years, and in the past, they were writing orders on carbon paper triplicate order forms. With over 1500 products in their catalog, it was an extremely error-prone process.

According to Lowy, SKUs would sometimes be written incorrectly, leaving their back office team puzzled as to what a customer had originally wanted to order. Likewise, orders had to be manually entered into their back office accounting system, leaving an eight- or nine-day gap between when the order was taken and when it was able to be shipped.

When Lowy began to search for a solution to these problems, he had a very clear idea of what his business needed. “What I was looking for was a program that I could use at a trade show, take an order, upload it into our accounting system, and minimize the opportunity for error on input and to make sure that what someone was writing down…was an actual item in our database,” he says.

He eventually came across Handshake’s mobile sales app, and trade show staff are now able to view products, write orders, and collect payment information on an iPad. Orders are shipped the day after the order is taken at the show, and customers are happier for it.

“We have increased our cash flow, because orders are going out almost immediately,” says Lowy. “Our customers also enjoy the process of dealing with the Handshake app. I can…flip through the catalog without having to lug around a 4-inch binder of all of our products, and the customer gets an immediate confirmation of what they ordered.”

In the future, Lowy plans to give the mobile sales app to more of his reps in the field, as well as look into how Handshake’s B2B eCommerce platform can help the company better serve their retailers. For now, however, Handshake is making trade show season a whole lot easier.