5 Questions Wholesalers Ask About NY NOW, The New York Gift Show

Chris Layne
August 7, 2015

One of the biggest trade shows in the gift and homewares industry, NY NOW is being held from August 15 – 19, 2015 at the Javits Center in New York City. If you want your products in the home, lifestyle and handmade categories to be hits in 2016, the NY NOW market is the place to be next week.

5 Things Wholesalers Should Know About NY NOW

1. What is NY NOW, The New York Gift Show?

The New York Gift Show is the annual gift and home market held each January & August in New York City. NY NOW showcases lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum. The Home and Lifestyle collections will be shown from August 16 – 19, and the Handmade collection will be presented from August 15 – 18. All collections will be displayed in the Javits Center.

2. Why should wholesalers exhibit at NY NOW?

Wholesalers always need to be in front of buyers on the lookout for “the next big thing” – those products and trends that catch on and are out of stock before most businesses have even heard of them. Trade shows are a great way to get products and new lines in front of buyers. Of course, giving buyers the opportunity to see and physically touch the products you have on offer makes a big difference. In person, you can begin building new relationships with prospective customers and show off your products in their best light. Educational opportunities are another important reason to attend. This year, the New York gift show will offer a variety of seminars that will address the latest color/design trends, sustainability, digital media and retail strategies that both you and your retailers should be thinking about.

3. Who else will be exhibiting at NY NOW? 

More than 2,500 exhibitors and thousands of lines across 400 categories will be featured at NY NOW, with product lines in three major categories: Home, Lifestyle and Handmade. Home includes 1,000+ exhibitors focusing on furnishings and home textiles, interior decor, tabletop and gourmet housewares. HOME features Accent on Design® – a juried contemporary design showcase with more than 100 established and emerging design brands across all product categories. Lifestyle includes more than 1,000 exhibitors presenting the latest trend-driven gift and lifestyle products in four themed sections: baby and child, gift, personal accessories, and personal care and wellness. Handmade includes thousands of vendors showcasing handcrafted merchandise in categories such as tabletop, ceramics, textiles, home decor, jewelry, apparel and more. The handmade collection features artisanal and limited production goods from sources around the world, with an emphasis on great design––unique products that are hard to find elsewhere. Which category does your brand fit into?

4. Who will attend the New York Gift Show?

More than 25,000 buyers representing more than 17,000 companies, all 50 states and more than 80 foreign countries all converge on New York City to attend NY NOW twice a year. Attendees include independent and specialty retail buyers, interior design firms, distributors, importers, manufacturer’s representatives and more. 98% of buyers who attend will purchase at least one product at the New York Gift Show.

5. How Can I Plan For Success?

NY NOW is a huge event, with thousands of exhibitors and products to choose from––that means competition. To ensure that you make the most of your trip to NY NOW, you need to have a plan. Before the show, retailers will be assessing their current inventory, identifying gaps in their product lines, and keeping upcoming seasons and holidays in mind. They will have an idea of what brands they'll want to see at the show, and the types of products they want to carry. They may even already know exactly what booths they're going to hit. That means that you'll need to do some heavy pre-show marketing. Send out a mailing to people you know will be attending; let them know what your booth number will be at the show. Get on their radar early. Also check out our articles on booth design and social media marketing. Finally, expect to spend a lot of time networking with attendees. NY NOW is a great place to expand your company’s business relationships with potential customers (and to scope out the competition).

Concluding Thoughts

For wholesale brands outside the immediate New York area, exhibiting at a huge show like NY NOW requires quite a bit of planning. If it isn’t in the cards this time around, but you think you would like show at NY NOW in the future, start now to establish a plan and a budget for attending in 2016. Let’s hear from you – have you attended NY NOW or any similar trade shows? What did you think? Do you think trade shows are still valuable in the digital age? Tell us about it in the comments.