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The Food Service Industry: 3 Things You Need to Know

November 14, 2016 by Samantha Carr

The food service industry consists of many players to keep track of, many different channels for getting products to market, and many different strategies that can lead to success or failure in the space. Add to that the rapid pace of change in food service industry technology as well as an ever changing regulatory environment,…Read more

Distribution Analytics

November 11, 2016 by Chris Layne

Distributors have embraced the value of data analytics in their operations, using visualization software and machine learning to inform business practices. Distribution analytics allows companies to describe and predict their business environment with information that can be easily used and understood.   A Perfect Storm of Helpful Technology The business value of distribution analytics is simple….Read more

eCommerce and mCommerce: A Big Deal That’s Getting Bigger

November 9, 2016 by Monica Orrigo

Here’s a mind-blowing bit of information. In 2016, mobile commerce sales in the US will total $123 billion by the end of this year. This reflects a 39% increase from last year (and a 95% jump in 2014). Clearly, more and more people are discovering the advantages of mCommerce transactions. And US manufacturers and distributors…Read more

The Order Hub: Streamlining Your Supply Chain

November 7, 2016 by Daniella Shtemberg

Keeping your sales data organized is one of the best ways to make your supply chain processes more efficient. Order hubs provide a portal through which you can compile, view, and edit your sales data. Now that a significant portion of orders—in some businesses, all orders—come from digital channels, an order hub serves as a…Read more

Shipping Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors

November 4, 2016 by Daniella Shtemberg

Getting your products to your B2B buyers—shipping—is a fundamental part of the customer experience. The logistics involved in shipping, which present many challenges for manufacturers and distributors, can be optimized for success. Handshake offers this shipping guide that outlines everything manufacturers and distributors need to know about this crucial process. The Manufacturer & Distributor’s Guide to…Read more

Food Traceability: Meeting Rising Expectations

November 2, 2016 by Nicole Groysman

Stricter regulations and consumers’ changing priorities have increased the pressure for greater transparency from food manufacturers and distributors. Food traceability plays an important role for both businesses and their customers as the demand for clear and thorough information on foods’ origins has increased: luckily, new technology is helping distributors keep up with these rising expectations….Read more

Infographic: B2B eCommerce in Manufacturing & Distribution

October 31, 2016 by Daniella Shtemberg

B2B eCommerce has had an undeniable impact on manufacturing and distribution. 63% of manufacturers and distributors responding to the 2016 Manufacturing & Distribution Sales and Technology Report survey stated that B2B eCommerce is a priority for their business, and of those who had implemented eCommerce solutions, 79% said that it was a response to customer…Read more

The Supply Chain Manager: Top Tips for This Role

October 28, 2016 by Johnny Marx

The last fifteen years have been a time of remarkable change for the supply chain manager. The manufacturing and distribution industry has become increasingly dependent on technology to control and manage its most important supply chain functions. The rise of China, India, and other emerging markets as supply chain leaders has revealed those countries as…Read more

Food Distributors: A Directory of Top Companies

October 26, 2016 by Daniella Shtemberg

Food distributors play a key role in the food and beverage industry, serving as the intermediary between the manufacturer and their respective retail, restaurant, and foodservice operator customers. Because of their longstanding relationships across the industry, partnering with the right food distributors can often make or break whether a potential buyer will stock a manufacturer’s…Read more

9 Beverage Industry Trends to Watch

October 24, 2016 by Corey Carpinelli

The beverage industry is undergoing a period of rapid change. Soda sales have fallen for 11 years straight and are now at a 30 year low. Millennials are emerging as the most important demographic for the beverage industry, an especially influential one due their high engagement on social media, which tends to amplify demographic trends….Read more