7 Things You Won’t Have to Remember with Sales Order Management

February 12, 2015

The success and effectiveness of a field sales rep depends on several factors. Some are obvious, like listening skills, self-motivation, and presentation ability. Others, however, aren’t so obvious. One such not-so-obvious factor is a sales rep’s capacity for memorization, which can affect their performance in surprising (and annoying) ways. Now I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that “Ability to memorize vast quantities of product and customer-related minutiae” wasn’t in your job description. Your time is much better spent actually seeing customers and making sales. Unfortunately, for many sales reps using antiquated tools, memorization is simply the reality of their day-to-day work-- knowing what page to turn to in a catalog to find a certain product, keeping a customer-specific discount in mind, or knowing what colors or sizes certain products are available in. For new sales order management software users, it’s time to get used to a new way of doing things (that is, having all the information at your fingertips without any pressure to memorize it). Here’s a list of some of the things you’ll no longer have to keep track of. We have a feeling you’ll get used to it pretty quickly.

Sales Order Management Software Users: 7 Things You Won't Have to Remember Anymore

1. Page numbers

This scenario: You’re in a meeting with a retailer, and you’re making product suggestions. Was that particular item on page 121? 131? The retailer waits politely while you frantically flip through the pages, but you can sense her impatience. You still have several other products to talk about, but time is ticking by. WIth order management software, that will never happen again. You can easily search your digital catalog by product name or category, and even use a scanner and barcode sheet to look it up. Life is good.

2. Product variants

Your buyer is interested in a particular sweater, but wants to confirm how many colors it’s available in. Where before you would’ve had to go through the product catalog nightmare we already vividly illustrated in the previous point, all you have to do now is search the product to find a description, images, and all variants.

3. Pricing

The annoyance of having to memorize pricing is a common issue we hear about all the time. Reps can’t remember every single product’s pricing details, especially if prices vary by color or style. If they don’t have it memorized, they have to look it up, call their back office, or admit defeat in front of the retailer, i.e. “I don’t have the exact pricing on me...but I will get that information to you after the meeting.” Not good. Sales order management software empowers you with all the information you need, without have to consult any book, price sheet, or customer service person.

4. Customer-specific payment/discount terms

Not all of your retailers are the same, and your brand(s) may have set specific discount and payment terms for each one. This is crucial information to have in hand. Think about how it would look if you mistakenly gave a customer a discount that you had to take back. Instead of having to memorize those details before heading into a meeting, you can have it all stored in your mobile order management app.

5. Customer order history

Customer order history is an important selling tool that not only helps sales reps make more sales, but also elevates their value in the eyes of retailers. Knowing all of this information before walking into a store visit can be difficult, however. With order management software, you can look up any customer’s past orders, see their most frequently ordered items, and sell more strategically.

6. Account details

Each and every one of your customers’ contact information, shipping preferences, and payment details can be stored in the app and referenced quickly. You’ll never have to ask the retailer for that information or look it up again.

7. Fax numbers

Ah, the fax machine. If you’re still using one of these dinosaurs of the business world, you probably know several fax numbers by heart--despite the fact that most people stopped memorizing phone numbers the minute they got their hands on a cell phone. One of the best features of sales order management software is the ease with which you can submit your orders. You basically just send them out right from the app--no fax machines needed. Do you have questions about order management software or stories to share about your own memorization woes? Let us know in the comments.