How to Manage Product Variants More Easily in Your Order Writing

Allen Malapit
March 18, 2015

If your product lines consist of a wide variety of items that come in many different colors, sizes, styles, or materials, you are probably well-familiar with the tedium of having to enter each and every individual variant onto a paper order form or spreadsheet. Sales Order Management software can make this process significantly easier, allowing you to display and enter these products without having to list each style or size as a separate line item on an order form.

How Product Variants Are Easily Managed with Order Management Software

1. The Grid View One of the best ways to remedy the problem is with a “grid view” display, in which all possible product variant combinations are displayed in a matrix format. If, for instance, all possible sizes are listed horizontally, and all possible colors are listed vertically, you simply have to find the box that corresponds to a certain combination of color and size, and add it to the order.

sales order management

2. The List View You can also select variants from an alternate list view. The great thing about order management software is the fact that all product information is stored in the app. There’s no need to write anything down. Just make the choices you need and enter in the quantities.

sales order management variants

3. Customization Every business treats its product variants a little differently. Some have separate SKUs for each size and color combination, and others have master SKUs for each items. Some brands use both systems for different products. Sales order management software can offer you the flexibility of setting up your variants in a way that makes sense for your own workflow. If a customer wants a certain item in five sizes and six colors, each in multiple quantities, you shouldn’t have to handwrite each variant configuration onto a paper order form. With sales order management features, you can do it all with just a few taps, saving both time and your reps’ sanity.