Use Sales Order Management Software to Write More Orders

Monica Orrigo
November 7, 2014

For many sales reps, it’s all about chasing the big deal. The kind of deal that comes with a hefty commission, epic bragging rights, and the glowing admiration of your peers. These kinds of deals are awesome, and the chase continues. On the flip side, low volume small orders can seem like loose change. Not worth your time and frankly...annoying. In fact, you may already be setting relatively high minimums on your orders for exactly this reason. Judging the order’s “worth,” however, has a lot to do with the energy it takes for you, the rep, to process it--to write the order, send it to your back office, and make sure that it goes through your internal systems unscathed. If that entire process could be streamlined and executed in just a few seconds, would you start thinking about those orders differently?

Sales Order Management Software & Why Small Orders Still Matter

We recently talked with a sales rep in the Outdoor Industry who has been using Sales Order Management software on his tablet to quickly write and process hundreds of small orders. The number of orders he’s written has increased year over year, and “all of those orders,” he says, “add up.” He has since made a point of sharing this open-minded perspective with other members of his team. Of course, you’ll need a tool to write that many orders--a tool that you can adapt to quickly and become an expert at using. The right sales order management app can empower you and your fellow reps to complete orders much quicker by being able to monitor your inventory in real time, keep products for different brands stored in one easy-to-navigate database, and connect instantly with your back office. With that kind of technology at your fingertips, writing any order, no matter how small (or large, for that matter) is a breeze. What once took hours of data entry now takes seconds. Not only will all those commissions add up, you’ll also be providing your buyers with better customer service. You’ll be able to cultivate a much more flexible, personalized experience that every client will appreciate. (Again, of course, having access to this technology to write large, complex orders isn’t half bad either.)

An Order is An Order

Every order matters. If you can reduce order submission delays and lower the costs of order processing (in terms of both money and time), the efficiency gains will give you the ability to accommodate those small orders that you might have previously rejected. Having this kind of agility in the marketplace can be a game changer for your business. And your profits.