Why Invest in Sales Order Management Now

Mandy Movahhed
April 9, 2015

Sales order management technology addresses some of the biggest challenges your wholesale business is facing, from order submission delays and errors to increasing sales in the face of rising competition. Sales order management software can enhance customer relationships by giving salespeople more time to nurture client relationships. Sales representatives write orders on mobile devices, and customers can also place orders online at their convenience. Customer service teams are empowered to manage orders, products and customers from a single, central location, and everything is integrated with your core business systems. If you’ve been thinking about shifting your wholesale business to a digital solution, here are a few reasons why it should happen sooner than later.

Why Invest in Sales Order Management Now?

1. You’ll accept, process and ship orders faster:

Salespeople can submit orders from their mobile devices as soon as customers decide to purchase. Almost immediately, customer service and shipping departments receive the electronic orders and begin filling them, accelerating the rate of inventory turns. 2. You’ll accelerate cash flow: Speeding up these processes means wholesalers are getting paid more quickly, and this money is more readily available to invest in the business. 3. You’ll reduce order-processing costs: Staff who previously performed manual data-entry tasks can focus on higher-priority strategic initiatives. 4. Your reps will see more customers and write bigger orders:

The time salespeople can spend nurturing client and prospect relationships – rather than shuffling paper – can pay off in more and bigger orders. Lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets cost companies at least $1 trillion annually, The B2B Lead estimates. 5. You’ll always know – and sell – what’s in stock:

Real-time access to inventory allows salespeople to direct customers to products they know are in stock. They can let clients know right away if an item isn’t available and suggest alternatives while they’re still in a purchasing mindset. 6. You will deliver superior customer service across the board: Digital sales and ordering processes save customers and wholesalers time and ensure that customers quickly receive the products they want, enhancing their experience. Easy access to transaction history means wholesalers can quickly review customers’ past orders and performance, then guide customers toward the products that are likely to sell well for them. High-resolution electronic catalogs let customers view up-to-date product descriptions, images and pricing to gain a better understanding of the products they’re ordering. 7. You can provide 24/7 availability and make sales around the clock:

Digital solutions allow sales reps to place and check orders any time, and from anywhere they can access a smartphone, tablet or Web browser to more efficiently meet customers’ demands. Whether the rep is on the road, working from home or even shopping for groceries, he can place or check on an order in an instant. An “always on” B2B E-commerce portal also provides retailers with the modern and convenient buying experience they’re accustomed to in consumer transactions. In our hyper-connected world, everything is going digital. It’s time for wholesalers to start catching up. Questions? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!