Sales Technology's Role in Wholesale Success

Sarah Leung
March 16, 2015

Success in today’s intensely competitive wholesale industry continues to balance on the strength of customer relationships. As the digital processes customers have come to expect in their personal lives drive demand for similar ease and efficiency in the B2B realm, however, digital sales technology is becoming irrevocably tied to that success. Customers want seamless communication across their favorite digital-commerce channels alongside outstanding customer service. Those who are prepared to deliver that experience with technology like B2B eCommerce platforms and mobile order-writing are poised to win customer loyalty and boost customer lifetime value (LTV). Digital order management solutions allow wholesalers to do all these things consistently. Digital order management solutions, which typically encompass mobile order writing, B2B E-commerce capabilities and web order management, are an especially important element of a modern wholesaler’s customer service strategy. These solutions don’t just enhance the customer experience; they also demonstrate a wholesaler’s commitment to implementing the latest technology. In an industry where high-value customer relationships can take years to build, and where competition is fierce, it is increasingly important for wholesalers to take full advantage of these new digital capabilities. That means selecting a solution that is accurate, scalable, reliable and robust. Want to know more? Download our free eBook, Taking the Digital Dive