Eliminate SAP Order Entry Tasks with Integrated Order Entry Software

Chris Russillo
April 11, 2018

If you’re a wholesale distributor or manufacturer running SAP as your Enterprise Resource Planning system, you’re probably familiar with the SAP order entry tasks that your dedicated data entry staff or customer service teams have to do.

Manual order entry can be the source of endless headaches, from errors and shipping delays to cashflow problems. As an incredibly complex ERP system, SAP is also not the easiest ERP to use and requires not an insignificant amount of training, ultimately increasing the costs associated with these SAP order entry tasks.

Eliminating SAP Order Entry From Your Business

Eliminating SAP order entry tasks starts with how your sales reps are actually writing and submitting orders from the field. Data entry is only required when orders are written and submitted through some manual method, whether it’s paper order forms, PDF order forms, Excel spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, or even faxes.

So what’s the alternative? Savvy manufacturers and distributors are digitizing the order writing process with order entry software, allowing reps to write orders on regular consumer mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

With out-of-the-box Software-as-a-Service applications, it has become easier than ever for B2B suppliers to digitize their product catalogs and empower reps with everything they need to sell, write an order, and submit it to your back office––all from a mobile app.

As a result, these orders can be approved, signed by the customer, and instantly synced into SAP. If using a mobile order entry software app that works offline, orders can even be written in the field without reliable Wi-Fi and then synced when the device reconnects to the Internet.

Once your back office team sees the electronic order in SAP, order processing can begin, from fulfillment to billing/invoicing.

Integrating SAP with Order Entry Software

But how can SAP be integrated with B2B Commerce technology like mobile order entry software applications to ultimately eliminate the need for that SAP order entry staff in your back office? By integrating these technologies with SAP, you can automatically sync your product catalog, customer information, orders, and other data between the two systems.

Of course, for B2B suppliers running SAP, figuring out how to integrate SAP to their other business systems can be a challenge. The SAP software “ecosystem” is very complex, so companies need a strong understanding of the integration options available with their specific instance of SAP, as well as a B2B Commerce vendor familiar with these complexities.

Find a B2B Commerce vendor who has built integrations with highly customized instances of SAP before—who will know the right questions to ask and help you build a custom integration.

Together, your team and your B2B Commerce vendor must identify what your key business needs are, how an API integration could potentially work, and what kinds of existing customizations will affect your integration path, not to mention future upgrade plans.

While the process can be complex, finding a B2B Commerce vendor that not only offers the features and functionality you’d want in order entry software technology but who also knows how to integrate their software to your core systems is critical.

To learn more about integrating your core ERP system (whether it's SAP or any other ERP) to other best-of-breed software solutions like B2B commerce software, inventory management software, etc. download the ERP Integration Handbook.