Shipping Guide for Manufacturers and Distributors

Elizabeth Scolari
November 4, 2016

Getting your products to your B2B buyers—shipping—is a fundamental part of the customer experience. The logistics involved in shipping, which present many challenges for manufacturers and distributors, can be optimized for success. Handshake offers this shipping guide that outlines everything manufacturers and distributors need to know about this crucial process.

The Manufacturer & Distributor’s Guide to Shipping

This shipping guide covers best practices in three different aspects of shipping: Warehouse Strategies: Start strong by considering the foundation for any shipping process.

  • What does lean warehouse management involve?
  • How can you pick and pack efficiently?

Order Fulfillment Strategies: Matching the demands of exacting B2B buyers requires careful planning.

  • What is the “perfect order,” and how can you achieve it?
  • How can you make sure your eCommerce fulfillment strategy covers multiple channels?

Outsourcing Strategies: For businesses that prefer to concentrate on their core competencies of manufacturing and distribution, outsourcing can free in-house resources.

  • What are the differences between freight forwarding and third-party logistics (3PL)?
  • How do the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing stack up?

To achieve and maintain growth in this competitive market, suppliers need to exceed customer expectations. Shipping is an opportunity to build great customer experiences through seamless order fulfillment. Download the Manufacturer & Distributor’s Guide to Shipping here. Did you find this shipping guide helpful in planning your order fulfillment processes? Let us know in the comments.