Tales from a Road Warrior: Kerry Pearce from Roylind

Mandy Movahhed
June 5, 2014

Our new series Tales from a Road Warrior gives you a deeper look into the every day life of the Road Warrior - wholesale sales reps who spend their lives selling on the road. Read on to hear more from Kerry Pearce from Roylind, an Australian jewelry, gifts and promotional products company that only sells via the wholesale channel, and how he's been able to gain a competitive edge using one of the most powerful sales tools out there: mobile order writing technology.

Sales Tools & Tips from a Traveling Sales Rep: An Interview with Kerry Pearce

HS: What do you sell, and who do you sell to? KP: Roylind sells jewelry, watches, antiseptics, hair accessories, LED torches and gifts into pharmacies, newsstands, and hardware outlets. HS: What territory/region do you cover? In what cycle? KP: North Brisbane to Gladstone Southeastern Queensland on an 8 week cycle. HS: What’s your biggest challenge as a field sales person? KP: The need to use a maintain a paper catalogue due to the number of products we need to show a customer. HS: What’s a typical day like for you on the road? KP: I could have as many as 16 appointments a day and cover between 1000 to 3000 km a week. HS: How does using a mobile order writing solution make your job easier? KP: The main benefits are ease of use and the added feature of being able to show all my products in their categories. I also refer to my customer’s previous orders to to produce new ones and to ensure I’m not forgetting anything. It also keeps me from having to post orders at the end of the day, because they’re already at the office ready to go. HS: People can buy from others. Why do they buy from you? KP: Listening to customer’s needs and following up on them, and always looking at what will provide my customer with a better experience buying from me vs. my competitors. My order management solution provides me with customer history, and I’ve had customers say that they won’t buy from anyone else for this single reason - they get sick of having to call my competitors when they forget something. My order management solution means its impossible to miss a sale of previously purchased items. HS: Any funny stories to share from a sales appointment? KP: One thing I find funny - I started out using an iPad for orders, and now I only use my iPhone. I get a lot of comments on how it shrunk, asking “didn’t you have a bigger one last time”? Customers seem to be amazed that orders can be done on an iPhone. Are you a Road Warrior? Know one? We'd love to profile you on the blog. Email us at info@handshake.com for more details!