To-Do List Apps: Our Top 3 Picks for Sales Reps

Sarah Leung
January 6, 2015

Chaos can get the best of all of us. For a sales rep on the road who’s constantly on the move, it can be especially difficult to keep tasks organized. With the new year here, it’s time to get smarter about how you manage your time. That’s where to-do list apps come in. Whether you organize lists of what you’d like to accomplish at a store visit, a list of customers to visit in a day, or errands you have to run, a digital to-do list application can help you put some structure and organization to your hectic schedule. Here’s our list of the three best to-do list apps available:

Best To-Do List Apps for Sales Reps:


Wunderlist is a cleanly designed to-do list app that’s available on most devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 7-8, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, and the web. It also has the additional benefit of being completely free across all of these devices, with reportedly awesome customer support. Wunderlist is considered by many to be one of the most intuitive to-do list apps on the market. It’s a feature-rich tool that allows you to share your lists with coworkers, friends, and/or family. Those shared on each list can then comment on tasks, sparking conversations and collaborations. If, for instance, you’d like to share your lists of store visits with your manager or sales team, you can do so easily. The app also allows for real-time sync, recurring tasks, notes, reminders, notifications, and due dates. In addition, you can browse Wunderlist Public Lists, which can be shared and browsed among your entire network. You can post things like your favorite tv shows to watch this season or the list of restaurants you’d like to go to in your area. Likewise, you can interact with public lists posted by others. The downside: some report that Wunderlist’s recurring task function isn’t always reliable.


Todoist is another popular cross-platform to-do list app. It offers many of the same features as Wunderlist, like real-time syncing across devices, due dates, reminders, notifications, and notes. You can create subtasks as well as projects and sub-projects in order to break up large tasks into smaller, achievable chunks. You can also use color coding to prioritize tasks. The app also has location tracking, so it can remind you of tasks when you’re in the right place to accomplish them. Say for instance that it’s on your to-do list to remind a customer about your latest product promotions. The app can actually send you a notification when you arrive at their store. Another interesting feature is Todoist “Karma,” which provides graphical representations of your productivity. The more productive you are, the more “karma points” you earn. For those who like data and number-crunching, this feature can be a powerful motivator. Todoist runs on both iOS and Android. They also have free add-ons for Google Chrome and Firefox, so you can add tasks right from your web browser. The downside: you have to buy the premium version of the app ($29/year) to access many of its core functions, including email/mobile notifications, search, and adding tasks via email.


Feature-wise, can keep up with the competition. All of the basic features that the above two applications have are present here. With a very clean design, the app is relatively easy to use on iOS and Android. can also handle location-based and time-based reminders, which can help remind you of tasks or goals for each sales meeting, as well as nudge you out the door if you have to get to your next store visit. It also features recurring tasks, task sharing, and delegation. There are also action shortcuts available, with which you can place a call, send a text, or send an email without leaving the app. One of Any.Do’s biggest differentiators--you can decide if this is a good thing or bad--is the “moment,” which is a push notification you get every morning with a summary of your tasks for the day. If you’re looking for integration with a calendar function, also provides that with its integrated Cal app. The downside: isn’t compatible with as many devices as the other two apps on this list. Also, there is no web app. If you want to manage your lists from your computer, you have to use their Google Chrome extension. To-do list apps are a great way to organize both your work-related and personal to-do’s. For someone who’s always on the move, these applications can help you remember everything you want to accomplish without feeling overwhelmed. These are all cross-platform apps as well, so you can use them on your phone, tablet, and/or computer right now to start checking off those tasks. Want more app recommendations? Check out our posts on receipt tracking apps, travel apps, and calendar apps.