Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014 just wrapped up, and we were lucky enough to attend the show this year.

Outdoor Retailer, the largest outdoor products trade show in the world, occurs twice yearly and has grown in attendance to over 28,000 attendees. Over 1,500 exhibitors fought for visibility last week over a span of 4 days in Salt Lake City.

This year more than ever it was impossible to ignore the strong prevalence of marketing – on the trade show floor, in and around the Pavilion, and in the surrounding vicinity of  Salt Palace Convention Center. Whether it was raffles, charging stations, graphic wraps on pedicabs, branding on abandoned buildings, or art on the bathroom walls – many brands were highly strategic and creative about the way they marketed themselves at the show. (Looking for some guerrilla marketing trade show ideas? Click here).

Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the best of the trade show marketing we saw this year at the show.

Top Trade Show Marketing Campaigns at Outdoor Retailer

Retro Cool: CamelBak

CamelBak ditched their normal logo for the show this year, adopting a 80s throwback look to spice things up and remind us of the longevity of the brand. 

Their “Since 1989” branding was consistent across multiple platforms – their booth, an outdoor tent, and pedicabs that they wrapped with their branding.






Solar Charge: Goal Zero

Goal Zero, a company that makes solar powered power packs, kits, and accessories, made their mark with charging stations all over Outdoor Retailer.

This was an awesome move on two fronts: not only did it provide a highly sought after service for show attendees, it was the perfect way to see the product in action.


Carbon Focus: Superfeet

Typically a brand that highlights a number of products in their booth, Superfeet tried a highly targeted approach this year, focusing entirely on showcasing their carbon footbed insole.

Keeping with the carbon theme, Superfeet drew in a large crowd when they raffled off a carbon mountain bike on Thursday afternoon. Raffles are a great way to drive traffic to your booth and capture contact information for potential customers.


Hope you learned something from these three examples of great trade show marketing at Outdoor Retailer. If you were at the show and think we missed something of note, please let us know in the comments!

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