5 Best Travel Apps for Sales Reps

Mandy Movahhed
August 15, 2014

While traveling is second nature to many salespeople, the details that go into travel coordination and logistics can be overwhelming and tedious. Luckily, there are some great apps that make planning and scheduling business travel more efficient and fun. These apps help you do things like book travel, organize your itineraries, secure rental cars, and to be well-prepared for the inevitable hiccups that will arise while you're away. For travel apps to be useful to sales reps, they should include features like:Route-Planning

- When you arrive in an unknown city - you need to learn your way around, quickly. A great travel app lets you learn the lay of the land (and traffic) before you even start your car. Transportation Booking- Whether renting cars or booking or modifying a flight, travel apps should simplify the booking process. Scheduling -  You're likely managing multiple appointments a day, so it's critical that your travel app pulls in your calendar so you can view and modify appointments. The best travel apps often include these nice-to-haves: - Weather updates - Parking recommendations - Expense tracking (check out more options here) - Traffic updates - Team communication capabilities With that in mind, here are the best travel apps for sales reps that will help you book and organize travel and keep you on track when you're on the road.

5 Best Travel Apps for Business

1. TripIt (iOS, Android, Blackberry)

TripIt, the all-in-one travel organizer, aggregates all of your travel information into one, easy to use, interface.  Available both online and offline, TripIt has an simple system: you forward them your travel email confirmations and they display it back to you as an itinerary in the app. TripIt has a free and Pro (paid) version, as well as the newly launched Trip it for Teams for travel coordination amongst multiple employees. Pros: TripIt wants to make the process of traveling as organized as possible.  In order to do this its top features include: - Aggregated travel schedule - Weather updates - Confirmation numbers for all legs of a trip - Itinerary sharing with others Cons: Although the free version is great for getting organized, a lot of the best features of TripIt come at a cost ($49/year).  TripIt's Pro version includes flight status and gate notifications, rescheduling functionality, and trip recommendations. TripIt for teams build on top of the Pro features and includes an Admin dashboard that gives visibility across your teams' travel schedules. Also, TripIt might not be as useful to you if you only travel by car.

2. TripCase (iOS & Android)

TripCase is an iOS and Android app that keeps you on top of your travel schedule. The app takes information from your travel confirmation emails (flight confirmations, car rental confirmations, etc.) and provides you with an overview of your trip, with flight times, hotel addresses, car rental reservation numbers, and other relevant details. Pros: One of the best things about TripCase is the fact that you can simply send your travel confirmations to trips@tripcase.com, and the service will pull out all the relevant information for you––there’s no extra work needed on your end. TripCase is also free to use (with ads, though they’re not all that obtrusive). Cons: One downside to TripCase, however, is that its mapping features aren’t always bug-free. If you’re in need of driving or walking directions, stick to Google Maps.

3. Silvercar (iOS & Android)

Silvercar simplifies what most business travelers consider an annoying part of travel: car rental. Their tagline is "Car rental that doesn't suck." For $89/day on weekdays and $59/day on weekends, Silvercar lets you reserve an Audi A4 that is delivered to you via valet when you arrive in an airport.  You use the app to unlock the car, and then when you return the car there’s no waiting to be checked in - the in-car technology checks in and records fuel usage. Pros: Silvercar lets you check in and out without having to wait in line.  You pick your own car, and everything is the same regardless of location so your comfortable with your ride and can depend on a consistent experience. And let's face it, an A4 is sexier than your average car rental options. Cons: Silvercar is only available in 6 cities (Austin, Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles) but will be expanding soon. It's also obviously a pretty narrowly focused app - one type of car, one service.

4. Hipmunk (iOS & Android)

Hipmunk is a flight and hotel booking app that strives to reduce aggravation associated with travel planning. In order to make things easier on the traveler, the app lets users sort by “agony” level which categorizes ease of use, including, for flights, things like the length of the trip and the number of stops. Adding a little flair to a travel experience, Hipmunk also features a “heat map” highlighting spots close to restaurants, shopping, and other fun activities. Pros: Hipmunk’s user interface is really dynamic.  They aggregate information from many different travel sources making sure they give you all of the best deals.  The uses then see different charts based on their preferences outlining the best options for their travel needs and take into account what travelers are looking for with their agony and ecstasy ratings. Cons: Hipmunk does not let you sort based on adjacent airports or flexible travel times.  Adding this feature would minimize spending and travel times while maximizing the benefits of a road warriors trips.

5. Sales Navigator (iOS)

We've reviewed Sales Navigator previously as part of our Best Calendar Apps post last month, and we're bringing it back because of its great route planning capabilities that are specifically created with sales reps in mind. Pros: Sales Navigator's route mapping function provides a geospatial view of your customers, prospects, and daily sales schedule. It lets you map alternative routes to your destinations and manage your time more effectively. It also integrates to Salesforce. Cons: If you're a Road Warrior and your travel needs are mainly around driving in a defined territory, this could work for you. However, if you travel by air or have any rental car needs, you'll definitely need to try another app. It's also only on iOS. Hope you have some luck with some of the travel apps above. If you have some travel apps you can't live without, let us know! Check out our posts on to-do list apps, calendar apps, and receipt tracking apps for more recommendations.