Work Faster to Write More Orders on the Trade Show Floor

Mandy Movahhed
July 22, 2014

With trade show season fast approaching, it's time to revisit the way you work a show. You probably have all the standard bases covered - you're selling a great product, have stellar sales skills, and have built good rapport with customers. However, there might be some  levers you can you pull that will have a serious impact on the total number of orders you write at a show. Given time constraints and a great deal of competition on the trade show floor, maximizing time with your buyers, both existing and new customers, is of premium importance.  Using order management software is a way to save tons of time, because by working faster, you are able to meet with more customers and write more orders. Read on to learn why using order management software significantly expedites your customer interactions at trade shows and leads to big results.

Trade Show Exhibitor Tips: How Sales Order Management Helps You Work Faster

Mobile order writing is much quicker than paper order writing

Mobile order writing is just plain faster than writing an order by hand. Browsing your catalog, zooming on product images, adding products to an order and completing the order with an email confirmation can all be done with just a few taps.

You aren't slowed down by catalogs and physical samples

Lugging around and flipping through a catalog, sifting through product samples to find what you want - these are are all archaic practices that take time. In some cases, exhibitors follow the customer around the booth who is checking out your wares, then use a barcode scanner to instantly and accurately add products they like. Think how much speedier (not to mention cooler) you will be showcasing your product line to prospective buyers using your very own shiny, modern digital catalog.

You already have your existing customer info on hand

Part of the one-time set up process of your order management software is loading up all your customer info - including contact details, shipping and payment preferences, and order history. This comes in handy when you're at a show and a lot of your business is coming from repeat customers. You can simply pull up their record, check out their past orders and preferred products, and get started writing their new order without having to waste both of your time collecting mundane details like name, address, and phone number. Even in the case where you're starting a new customer record - it's way faster (and less prone to errors) to enter the details into your order writing app as compared to a hand written order form. To bypass the customer entry almost altogether, just enter the customer's first and last name and snap a photo of their business card, leaving yourself to fill in the rest of the details later.

You can duplicate a past order in 30 seconds

For customers that simply need to place a replicate of a past order, you can pull up a past order and in one tap duplicate the order. You can use the saved time to share with them new items from your line, hopefully beefing up your order with more inventory before it's processed.

You have accurate inventory availability at your disposal

Having a reality check on your inventory numbers of each product saves time and allows you to sell more strategically. If you notice you are low or out of stock on certain items, you can give your buyer a heads up or just steer them in a different direction. In cases where you write an order without having inventory intel, you might be slowed down having to call the office to confirm quantities before confirming an order. Worse yet, item delivery (and your payment and or commission) will be significantly delayed, leading to unhappy customers and an unhappy you.

You can easily customize orders and apply discounts

Let's face it - not all your buyers are the same. With order management software, you can store important discounting rules associated with each customer so when you place an order, there's no need to call your office headquarters to remind yourself of these details, or worse yet - wait to process the order until later when you have time. You can also quickly add a one-time discount. This significantly expedites correct pricing calculation, order completion and fulfillment.

You can create pro-forma orders ahead of time

Some brands that use order management software take the liberty of creating pro-forma orders for their regular customers ahead of trade shows. If you know what your customer is likely to order, it saves a lot of time to do most of the order writing work in advance. That way, you can simply pull out the order on the trade show floor for your customers to review, modify (if need be) and confirm. They'll appreciate the work you did ahead of time to save them time, and you'll appreciate the time you gained back to sell to other customers.

Beyond the Trade Show Floor

We've touched on some reasons using order management software can drastically reduce the time it takes to write sales orders at trade shows. You'll also see major benefits (and speediness) in order processing and fulfillment times (click here to find out why order submission delays could be killing your business). Most importantly, you've given your customers a modern experience that values their time and increases their loyalty.