Trade Show Preparation Checklist: 2 Months Out

Mandy Movahhed
June 27, 2014

It’s two months out from a very busy upcoming trade show season, and it’s time to get prepared. From securing your booth, training your staff, arranging your product samples, getting your press kit together and more, our handy dandy Trade Show Preparation Checklist is one central place to reference all of the major tasks you’ll need to nail down in the months and weeks leading up to the show. Feel free to download and print the list in order to track your progress. Download the checklist now In the trade show preparation checklist, we’ve bucketed your top tasks and considerations into three main categories: Operations & Logistics, Order Writing & Products, and Marketing. Check out a few highlights from each bucket below, and click here for the comprehensive list of tasks you’ll need to cover before showtime!

Trade Show Preparation Checklist


Set up appointments with major retailers and key customers Coordinate ahead of time with your key accounts and new potential customers. This ensures you get dedicated time, and that they won’t have to wait on you at the show.


Update line sheets & catalogs (for manual order writers) Line sheets and catalogs should be updated with your recent product line. Get your tech ready (for digital order writers) Make sure your sales team is equipped with the tablets, mobile phones, laptops loaded with online order writing software. Gather your barcode scanners, chargers, and extension cords too.


Build hype & make connections on social media Announce your presence and connect with potential customers over Twitter (see more here) Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, and keep it relevant with the official show hashtag! Be on the lookout for more trade show tips & checklists in the upcoming weeks., and good luck preparing for the show! Trade Show Preparation Checklist