Make More Sales Using an iPad Presentation

Mandy Movahhed
May 28, 2014

In the person-to-person selling world, there’s clearly room for improvement. For decades, the salesperson’s bane has been dragging a case of samples or binders from account to account, leafing through paper catalogs and enter order details onto printer forms. Often this means they’ll be rewriting the order later on, hopefully getting all the details right. The tablet is making its own case as the collaborative, interactive, connected device of choice for sales and for buyers. There’s not much that is collaborative about paper. In 2013, research from the Sales Management Association stated that while 40% of sales people are using a mobile sales solution involving tablets, 90% of organizations surveyed said they will be increasing their investments in tablet sales solutions. Market research firm IDC reports that nearly 261 million tablets will be sold in 2014. iPads, with all of that beautiful screen real estate, are your best bet to really show off your products—and get away from some of the negatives of the sales paper-based sales process. Digital catalogs replace physical inventory samples and paper catalogs with multiple images and views, all swipeable, scalable and scrollable.

How an iPad Presentation Could Help Your Reps Make More Sales


Tablet content can be optimized away from the plain paper formats of static PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, brochures, and catalogs. Present the customer with other rich, immersive content and take advantage of iPad interactivity to drive the engagement further. Ben Bajarin, director of Consumer Technology Practice at Creative Strategies, believes that larger tablet sizes—10 inches or larger—are projected to be a growth area for consumers as well as businesses. This will encourage further content optimization and interactivity. Want to show customers how it works? Add a video. Apps exist that can put products on people and into environments. Want to see how those glasses look? Visit and put them on a face. Use LinkedIn and add your customer quickly to your network. Of the over 1.1 million apps available for iPad and iPhone, chances are there's an app for what you're trying to achieve.


Not just connected, but easily shared between people, we pass tablets hand-to-hand and access their functionality faster and more easily than we would with a laptop. Laptop screens also create a physical wall between you and your customer when you are working face-to-face. With a larger screen size, tablets offer more image size to the viewer than a mobile phone.

Connectivity & Communication

Sure, your iPad connects you to the Internet, but it also connects you to the rest of the sales team and to your customer. You can jointly prepare a quote, review it on the screen and email it over  - all from the same device. Paper forms don’t offer this type of engagement or easy editing. Tablets also give you access to real-time information. You can access the customer’s records to see the sales history, check inventory and delivery timeframes, and access the latest collections of your line of products. Not sure what kind of iPad to invest in? Click here. How has your tablet strategy evolved? We’d love to hear it.