How Access to Customer Order History Helps you Sell More

Wholesale sales software gives you real time access to your customer order history, allowing you to show up to appointments prepared & write bigger orders.

Mandy Movahhed
September 18, 2014

As a sales rep selling to buyers in the field or at trade shows, you know that showing up informed and prepared can make a big impact on the size of your deal. Hopefully, your company has provided you with a convenient way of accessing your customer's order history before your sales appointment.  Ideally, you are using wholesale sales software software that gives you real-time access to helpful reports, showing you not only full records of your customers' past orders but lists of their most frequently ordered items.

How Access to Customer Order History w/ Wholesale Sales Software Helps You Sell More

1. You show up prepared, which saves time and increases your value-add.

Walking into a sales appointment prepared with your customer's past order information and a list of their most frequently ordered items means you become the source of the most accurate, up to date order information. You won't need to rely on your retailer for any of this information, and they will appreciate you for it. Knowing your customer's order history also means you can control the direction of the conversation. Combine this with the time you save not having to look up these details in the presence of your customers, and you're really able to work your sales magic. On a tactical level, you should really be setting your retailer-specific sales goals based on the numbers from their order history. This will help you focused on growth over time. Finally, and most importantly, when you come into a sales appointment armed with helpful info, you are helping a retailer plan their business. In this way, you elevate yourself from a rep selling your products to a partner in their success.

2. You can create re-orders from their past orders.

Having access to your customer's order history is helpful; having it in a format that can be easily replicated is that much more valuable. Not only does it save you and your customer a ton of time, but it also frees up extra time to sell them on items from your new line or suggested items based on their past orders.

3. You can up-sell customers based on their previous buying patterns.

Knowing your customer's regularly ordered items puts you at a huge advantage. Let your buyer know that their favorite bike helmet now comes in 3 new colors, or recommend an item that you've seen work well for your other retailers with similar buying preferences.

4. You can identify popular selling items and recommend across multiple buyers.

Knowing which items are popular amongst your retailers gives you a unique opportunity to suggest these items across your buyer base.  While of course geography and customer demographics are key factors that play into product popularity, chances are that through enough practice you'll get more skilled at offering product suggestions that are a fit for specific retailers.

5. You can gather valuable product intel.

Interested in end-customer feedback on some of your items? Note whether your retailers ordered specific products in question and close the loop on how well it sold. Hopefully your retailers will have helpful qualitative, front-line feedback as well.

6. You're satisfying your retailers and scoring repeat business.

The more prepared and informed you are as a sales rep, the more satisfied your retailers are. The more satisfied your retailers are, the more likely they are to continue buying from you. It may sound obvious, but it's important to think about ways you can optimize and tweak your customer experience to use as a competitive advantage. Found additional benefits to reviewing your customer order history before sales appointments? Let us know in the comments below!