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Handshake helps this Caspari rep in NYC stay informed and prepared on the go.

In business for six decades, Caspari is a respected publisher of exquisitely designed and printed paper products.


Gift & Homewares


Charlottesville, VA

We looked at many iOS order entry apps before finding Handshake. Handshake offered a well thought out user interface that fit our needs well. Our national sales force loves using it, and the tight integration with our ERP system greatly simplifies our back office operations.

Richard Elston
Head Systems Engineer
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Caspari and Handshake Breathe Fresh Air Into the Gift Industry

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Caspari needed a robust mobile order entry solution that could replace an outdated legacy system, integrate with their ERP, and power their global sales team.


Caspari has stepped forward into the future of wholesale sales, completely streamlining their order management process.

With Handshake’s powerful API, a custom integration for Caspari’s AS400 ERP system was quickly developed.

Now that they have a digital catalog, reps no longer have to carry samples, cutting costs, saving time, and creating a better experience for customers.



Established in 1945, Caspari has earned their reputation for quality paper products by reproducing the work of established artists and museums from around the world. Originally importing Christmas cards by European artists, Caspari has now expanded to include over 30 different product categories including plates and napkins, gift wrappings and bags, tabletop accessories and many more.

Caspari products are sold worldwide in stores including Le Bon Marché, Harrods, Neiman Marcus & Bloomingdales, to name only a few.


Caspari chose Handshake in 2012 to power their sizeable sales operation, with over 60 dedicated sales reps on the road.

Many technology companies serving gift and home décor brands have struggled to upgrade their legacy Palm-pilot or Motorola-based solutions to the new generation of mobile devices and the expectation that users will have easy access to their data. Head Systems Engineer Richard Elston found Caspari in a similar position. “With over six thousand SKUs and close to eight thousand customers, finding an iOS app to replace our highly customized Symbol device based mobile order entry system was not a simple undertaking,” he says.

Caspari looked to Handshake’s experience upgrading gift brands to a next-generation order entry solution, to reinvent their customer experience and help their reps sell more at customer appointments. Handshake’s CEO, Glen Coates also had significant experience working in the Gift Industry running an international consumer goods brand, prior to founding Handshake in 2010. “I worked with legacy solutions in Gift for years, and found that most of my sales people hated them. What I realized is that you can't fake being a mobile-first company; Frankensteining iPad support on top of an old showroom-only solution doesn't work. You have to do it right from the start,” he says.


After an initial pilot period, IT Director Dick Elston built an integration for their AS400 system to enable bi-directional sync of customers, products and orders.

The Handshake team worked closely with Richard and the rest of the Caspari team to provide technical documentation and support needed for the development of the integration and to ensure the results were as expected. “The Handshake REST APIs made integration with our AS400 ERP system a straightforward task. The results have been great!” says Richard.

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