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About ScottHawaii

Founded 84 years ago by Elmer and Jean Scott, Scott Hawaii is a boutique footwear brand that manufactures high quality flip flops.

Industry: Fashion

Headquarters: Honolulu, HI

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It is the easiest B2B site I've used thus far, no instructions needed, user friendly. It's not often when you can roll something out like this that doesn't require additional manpower or technical support.

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Scott Hawaii Expands Their Sales Reach with B2B eCommerce

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The Challenge:

Scott Hawaii needed a faster, easier way for their mainland customers to place orders.

The Results:

  • Scott Hawaii uses Handshake Direct to reach new geographies and customer segments.
  • The online availability of product information and customized pricing and payment terms for each customer segment has cut down on unnecessary customer service calls and emails.
  • With B2B eCommerce, fulfilment times have been greatly reduced for initial orders and reorders, and errors have been all but eliminated.

The Story:

A Rich Hawaiian Heritage

Beginning as a manufacturer of sturdy boots for sugarcane and pineapple field workers, Scott Hawaii now produces casual footwear in the form of durable, comfortable flip flops that reflect Hawaii’s laid-back, energetic lifestyle.

Today, the business is still in the hands of the Scott family, and they remain fiercely dedicated to the principles of quality and detail that have made Scott Hawaii a success.

Using the B2B eCommerce Portal to Reach Buyers in New Markets

While Scott Hawaii has a tight-knit sales force on the islands, their mainland sales strategy was in dire need of change. The company relied largely on independent reps to cater to their sizeable account base outside of Hawaii, but for a company on a completely different timezone than their reps, this proved difficult.

As Scott Hawaii President Michael Scott found it increasingly unsustainable to rely on independent reps managed remotely, he discovered the answer he was looking for in Handshake's B2B eCommerce platform, Handshake Direct. “We tested it out, and it was exactly what we needed,” he says.

With Handshake Direct, Scott Hawaii was able to upload their product catalog into Handshake and set up a customized B2B eCommerce portal for retailers to log in and place orders at their convenience.

They were able to set customized discount pricing and payment terms for each account, giving each buyer a customized view of Scott Hawaii’s catalog. Handshake Direct can also be integrated with an ERP system, eliminating the need for data entry and cutting down order processing costs.

With this transition, Scott Hawaii has effectively responded to B2B buyers’ growing demand for eCommerce channels. A recent Forrester study found that 75% of B2B buyers surveyed would buy again from a supplier with good B2B omni-channel capabilities.

Minimizing Fax and Phone Orders to Increase Efficiency

In addition to the additional customer reach the platform has afforded, Scott Hawaii has also been able to minimize confusing phone calls, long email threads and miscommunication problems.

While some buyers had already grown used to old, inefficient process over the course of many years with paper and fax machines, it was all smooth sailing once they were familiarized with this newly convenient way of placing orders.

Scott Hawaii’s mainland sales strategy is more streamlined than ever, and their customers are much happier for it.

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