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About RabLabs

Launched by Designer Anna Rabinowicz in 2002, RabLabs is a luxury home accessories brand that creates unique objects using natural, precious materials with cutting-edge design.

Industry: Gift & Homewares

Headquarters: New York, NY

Key Events: NY NOW, Maison & Objet

Sales Order Management
Quotation Mark

I told Handshake that I needed to be all set up for a trade show in a few weeks, and they were all over it. They told us exactly what information I needed to gather, and walked us through the integration with QuickBooks. It was truly a seamless process.

Quotation Mark

Janelle Shufelt

Client Relations Manager

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Handshake Makes QuickBooks Integrations Easy

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The Challenge:

RabLabs needed a sales order management solution that would integrate seamlessly with their QuickBooks system.

The Results:

  • Handshake is now smoothly integrated with RabLabs’s QuickBooks system.
  • If samples arrive late, the team can make quick and easy additions to their digital catalog right before a trade show.
  • Handshake drives future business by allowing RabLabs to create sales proposals for upcoming seasons and make better inventory planning decisions using sales reports.

The Story:

A Company On the Rise

Since its launch in 2002 by designer Anna Rabinowicz, luxury tabletop accessories brand ANNA new york by RabLabs has been introducing their hand-crafted products into homes across the country and around the world.

By creating unique pieces from natural materials like semiprecious stones, silver, and gold, RabLabs has built a business that now works with retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus, and they’re expanding overseas, having just shown at MAISON & OBJET in Paris with great success.

A Sales Order Management Solution

Like many companies selling in the wholesale environment, RabLabs was writing orders on paper for years. As their brand and popularity grew, however, their traffic at trade shows exploded, and they had piles of paperwork to enter into their QuickBooks system.

That order entry process could take up to a month to complete, as their team found themselves also juggling the responsibilities of a growing brand. Clients would call in looking for copies of their orders, and the company was forced to deal with order processing lags and shipping delays, especially around the hectic holiday season. RabLabs knew it was time for a change, but they needed to find a solution that would work with QuickBooks.

Searching for a QuickBooks Integration

RabLabs began by trying to run QuickBooks online on their mobile devices, hitting a roadblock when they realized that it required Internet access. The team knew that wifi would never be something they could count on in unpredictable selling environments.

They then looked into another third party application that could integrate with Quickbooks. They were far along in the process when at the 11th hour, it became apparent that because their QuickBooks system runs on a remote server, the data integration would not be possible.

Exasperated, RabLabs turned to QuickBooks for an answer, and they recommended Handshake. With a trade show coming up in just a few short weeks, RabLabs wasted no time getting started.

Luckily, Handshake’s Customer Success team was there to walk them through the process, and they were able to hit the trade show floor just a few weeks later with a completed Quickbooks integration and Handshake on their iPads.

Reflecting on the experience, Shufelt expresses surprise. At Handshake’s comparatively affordable price point, she didn’t expect the process to be so simple. “Everything just worked,” she says. “Compared with the other vendor we were going to work with, it was so much easier.”

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