Since 1947, J. Vrola Meat Company has served restaurants, butcher shops, supermarkets, gourmet food markets, institutions, and hotels in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut.


Food & Beverage


South Amboy, NJ

We can let the customers shop as we’re sitting with them. It shows how we custom-cut products.

Joseph Vrola
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A Customized Sales Experience in Restaurant Distribution

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J. Vrola’s unique restaurant customers required a solution that would enable their reps to tailor sales conversations to their exact needs.


J. Vrola has has experienced higher order frequency and upselling through Handshake.

Sales reps now have easier access to order history, helping them meet customers’ product needs.

J. Vrola’s reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more time advising customers.



Restaurants have unique food distribution needs compared to the more predictable ordering of supermarkets and gourmet food shops. While Vrola’s restaurant customers place standing orders consistently, modifications are often made based on short notice to accommodate special menus or the reactions of patrons to dishes from the night before. For this reason, President Joseph Vrola turned to Handshake’s mobile order writing solution, Handshake Rep, to cut operational costs, improve the level of strategic value his reps could offer his customers, and enhance the customized sales experience that Vrola’s customers have grown to expect and love.

Before customer visits, reps prepare for their visit by reviewing their buyers’ previous order history, most frequently ordered cuts of meat, and any special notes that were written on the customer’s record. Reps then tailor the sales conversation to the buyer’s specific needs. Mid-appointment, Handshake Rep’s customer-specific pricing feature ensures that sales reps and buyers are always looking at accurate pricing. Vrola Meat Company also utilizes a promotional strategy during the sales conversation where reps display a better pricing tier the customer could access given higher volume or product-specific buying.


By showing the customer a digital catalog through Handshake, Vrola Meat Company can use fewer samples at each appointment. With high-definition images and descriptions included in their digital catalog on Handshake Rep, reps have been able to minimize the amount of samples provided at each sales appointment, significantly cutting costs. By letting the customer navigate through the digital catalog, reps can also let customers browse product options at their own pace, discovering products as they go.


J. Vrola Meats is a well-regarded expert within the industry. Top New York restaurant chefs often call Vrola reps to consult on dish additions and special menus. Because the manual and repetitive task of writing the order has been automated by Handshake, reps now use this sales data to offer strategic advice to their customers, enabling Vrola Meat Company to stay ahead of the competition and maintain their position as a leader in the food industry. With the success of Handshake Rep, Vrola is eager to implement Handshake’s mobile customer ordering solution Handshake Direct Mobile.

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J. Vrola
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