Kitsch is a fast-growing jewelry and hair accessories brand with products in thousands of retail locations worldwide.




Los Angeles, CA

The number one benefit is the elimination of data entry. You don’t realize this is a huge problem until you’re doing a high volume of business.

Jeremy Thurswell
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How Kitsch Uses Handshake to Scale Their Business

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Through the rapid expansion of their business, Kitsch needed an order management solution that would streamline the ordering process, power their growing independent rep force, and help their business continue to scale upward.


Kitsch can now send orders to pack within 15 minutes of when they were written, a 99% speed increase.

The company no longer has to contend with illegible paper forms, manual entry, and shipping errors.

With these time and efficiency gains, Kitsch can now concentrate on the growth and expansion of their business.



Kitsch, a jewelry and hair accessory company, has been taking the world by storm since its founding in 2011. From humble beginnings, the business now boasts 150 sales reps, 12 office employees, 6 overseas factories, and products in 5,000 stores in 27 countries.

It’s understandable, then, why scalability was the number one concern in Kitsch’s search for a sales order management software platform.


As the brand expanded into stores around the country and the world, the problems presented by handwritten orders quickly became a major pain point for the business. Kitsch has an enormous force of independent sales reps, and many of them were still using handwritten purchase orders.

The company had to deal with the headaches of illegibility, pricing mistakes, and even mistakes with shipping addresses. “We were sending the wrong products to the wrong addresses,” says Thurswell. “At that point, we had to spend time emailing reps, either letting them know that a PO had been filled out incorrectly, or trying to confirm what they’d written.”

As the business grew, these kinds of problems became more than a minor annoyance. They were a significant drain on resources. Kitsch participates in 12-16 trade shows each year in addition to store visits, and now manages hundreds of SKUs (a far cry from the twelve SKUs they started with). They needed to find a better system.


After Kitsch got started with Handshake, they quickly saw a positive impact on their business. Kitsch has been able to reduce the equivalent of 2-3 hours of data entry work each day among their reps to mere minutes. The problems of illegibility are no longer an issue with reps using Handshake, and their orders are shipped error-free as a result.

Handshake has also proven to be incredibly useful during trade show season. Kitsch often has multiple shows going on in different territories simultaneously. In the past, their office would be inundated with 100-200 paper orders that they then had to enter in their system before they could even think about shipping those orders out. With hundreds of SKUs, checking pricing and order accuracy was a nightmare. According to Thurswell, it could take a week or more to sort through the mountains of paper.

Today, says Thurswell, “we can send orders to pack within 15 minutes of when they were written.” There’s no need to pay staff solely to do data entry, and they’re able to run more shows simultaneously.

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