Founded in 1875 by Arthur Liberty, Liberty Art Fabrics is a British textile manufacturer that has been creating original and inspiring designs for more than 130 years.





With Handshake we processed orders quicker and lost fewer customers to queuing as a result––the fashion industry is not always known for its patience!

Matt Gailer
Head of IT - Wholesale
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Handshake Keeps Liberty Fashion Forward

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With over 20 trade shows each year in addition to field sales appointments, Liberty Art Fabrics needed to help their sales reps to move faster and maximize their time with customers.


Liberty Art Fabrics has seen a 47% increase in business at trade shows.

By eliminating order submission delays and speeding up fulfillment times, Liberty Art Fabrics has gained a valuable advantage over competitors.

Liberty Art Fabrics uses Handshake to track sales performance and pull key insights on seasonal trends.



Internationally recognised as a leader in print design and textile innovation, Liberty Art Fabrics produces over 120 new designs annually on a diverse range of premium quality fabrics. These beautiful, original British textiles are sold across the globe with offices in London, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and Sao Paulo.

Liberty’s customer base includes designer fashion houses, emerging talents and boutique retailers around the world. Handshake powers their global sales network at tradeshows and field appointments, allowing reps to showcase their collections and take and process customer orders in real-time.


Handshake’s easy to use order-entry interface keeps Liberty moving quickly at fashion trade shows. Liberty attends as many as 20 trade shows per year across the Northern and Southern hemisphere. As an in-demand brand with high booth attendance, the ability to write orders fast is paramount to their success. According to Matt Gailer, Head of IT - Wholesale, “With Handshake we processed orders quicker and lost fewer customers to queuing as a result––the fashion industry is not always known for its patience!”

Handshake not only drastically speeds up the order writing experience, but also has a significant impact on fulfillment times, allowing them to one-up their competitors. Continues Galler, “If we take an order at a show on Handshake it can often reach a customer’s desk before they get back themselves. Getting in first means getting the follow on orders first.”

Twice a year, Liberty attends Premier Vision in Paris, the largest tradeshow in their industry, where they use Handshake to record interest in new designs and give their designers and planners back at headquarters visibility on bestsellers and seasonal trends.

Get the case study
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