With divisions in Archery, Hunting, and Outdoor, Outtech is a sales and marketing firm dedicated to the success of the manufacturers they represent in the outdoor industry.


Outdoor Sporting Goods


Aurora, OH

We have an internal philosophy that we’re not going to be the sales reps of old. The business has changed so much that you can’t just be a catalog and price sheet guy anymore. That world no longer exists.

John Seliga
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Outtech Builds Strategic Partnerships Using Handshake

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Outtech needed an order management software solution that would increase their effectiveness and efficiency and give them an edge over the competition.


Outtech has seen 33% YOY growth in orders written.

With Handshake’s streamlined order management process, Outtech can now write any order, no matter how big or small.

Reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on building strong, consultative relationships with customers.



At its core, Outtech is about strategic partnerships--working closely with outdoor brands and retailers to increase sales for both parties at either stage of the supply chain. To nurture these connections, Outtech goes beyond the traditional sales relationship, getting involved in all aspects of each client’s business.

Outtech COO John Seliga, once a road warrior himself, explains, “We’ve grown our business to focus on adding value for our customers. Handshake helps us build strategic partnerships with our retailers and vendors, identifying trends and participating in planning, forecasting, product development, and marketing.”


Outtech representatives use Handshake to reclaim valuable time and information in order to own their relationships with both clients and dealers. Nick French, a top-performing regional manager at Outtech, explains, “It’s all about how effectively you can run your territory. With Handshake, I’m faster. I don’t have to sit there pulling up pricing, and it makes me look smarter. At the end of the day, the time saved allows me to see more customers each day and grow those relationships.”

Outtech reps aren’t just improving the customer experience for both manufacturers and dealers by writing sales orders faster. They’re also writing more orders. Handshake’s standout, intuitive user interface allows reps to quickly process any order, no matter how big or small. Reps can also pull up any account and immediately see their order history. With access to all the manufacturers they represent in one place, they can seamlessly work with retailers who stock multiple brands.

All of these efficiencies translate to a more customized, modern experience for Outtech’s clients, as well as each rep’s ability to drive greater sales yield from their book of business.

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