Peavey Electronics is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical instruments, amplifiers, and professional audio systems in the world.




Meridian, MS

It’s more than an ordering tool for our sales reps and dealers. My vision is for Handshake to provide real-time access to promotions, new product information, shipping notifications, and other updates. It’s about having direct communication between the brand and our sales reps, and between the brand and over 2000 dealers.

Fred Poole
General Manager of Product Development & North American Sales, Peavey Electronics
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Mobile Commerce: Staying Ahead of the Competition

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Allowing sales reps and dealers to have an anytime, anywhere direct line of communication and commerce with the Peavey brand.


Peavey is driving sales by making it as easy as possible for their dealers to do business with the brand through timely, actionable information, 24/7 ordering and an improved in-person sales experience.

By staying connected to both their sales reps and dealers via mobile devices, Peavey is able to craft cohesive messaging across multiple touchpoints.

Peavey is reducing the costs associated with order errors and submission delays by offering a more uniform, efficient way for orders to come in from both dealers and sales reps.



Founded by Hartley Peavey in 1965 as a one-man shop selling hand-built amplifiers, Peavey Electronics currently distributes products to thousands of dealers in 136 countries and provides some of the largest audio installations around the globe to theme parks, airports, stadiums, and other notable venues.

Peavey’s brand DNA has always included a strong focus on innovation, spanning more than 130 patents that have left an indelible impact on the music industry. According to Fred Poole, General Manager of Product Development & North American Sales, “We’re never afraid to try something new. We want to lead, and a lot of our competitors will follow.”

That pioneering philosophy has applied not just to product development, but also to Peavey’s business operations as well. Peavey is already setting up their dealers for success in today’s on-demand economy by making key investments in mobile technology, equipping dealers with Handshake Direct Mobile, a mobile B2B eCommerce solution, and sales reps with Handshake’s mobile order writing software.

By making it easier than ever for these retail stores to do business with their brand, Peavey is forging ahead of the competition once again.


Peavey’s move towards mobile technology is the result of fundamental shifts in the way people buy and sell products in the music and other industries today. “The world has changed dramatically,” says Poole. “The Internet has allowed instant access to brand and product information, so the end customer often knows more about the product than the dealer before they even walk into the store.”

In the face of this highly educated consumer, Peavey saw the need to empower dealers with more direct access to key product information and promotional details. They also recognized that as mobile devices become more powerful and ubiquitous than ever, mobile commerce capabilities are becoming table stakes for success. As Poole puts it, “These are the basics of doing business in the 21st Century.” To build this direct line of communication and commerce between the Peavey brand and their dealers, the company is rolling out Handshake’s B2B mobile commerce solution, Handshake Direct Mobile. Handshake Direct Mobile is a solution designed specifically for retailers, allowing them to access a brand’s product catalog from their mobile devices and place reorders around the clock.

Staying in direct contact with dealers via push notifications and other in-app alerts also enables Peavey to provide real-time, immediate access to information about new products and promotions, as well as shipping updates, reorder reminders, and more––through a device that the dealer is always carrying around in his or her pocket.


The second piece of Peavey’s mobile puzzle is also designed to set dealers up for success––by ensuring that sales reps can support them as effectively as possible. According to Poole, the relationships between sales reps and customers remain a critical part of Peavey’s sales process. “That role isn’t going away. Our reps show off our products, do demos, and educate our dealers. What we’re doing is using technology to enhance that experience.”

Previously, Peavey’s sales reps were writing and submitting orders manually through a variety of disparate methods, from Excel spreadsheets to photos of items and quantities scribbled on napkins and scraps of paper. Once received, the orders then had to be deciphered and entered into SAP, the company’s ERP system. Like any other manual process, this approach was prone to errors and delays.

With Handshake’s mobile order writing application on their iPads and iPhones, reps are much more organized and prepared before each meeting. They can access detailed customer information, an interactive digital product catalog, and an intuitive order writing interface. Once orders are written, they can also be synced immediately with back office systems for fulfillment.

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