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We were risking the relationship with the customer.

Handshake helps Childsmart keep sales reps and customers on the same page.

June 26, 2015


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Increase in average order size

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About Childsmart

Childsmart is an Australian toy manufacturer and distributor that sells multiple global brands in the infant, toddler, and preschool markets to major retailers and independent stores across Australia and New Zealand.

Industry: Toys, Baby & Kids

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Key Events: Toy Fair New York, Kids Instyle

Sales Order Management
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You don’t know what you need until you see it. With the efficiency and expediency of the process, we can talk to so many more customers. We’re writing an insane amount of orders, and the fact that those orders can be written and shipped out that day is a huge win for us.

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Mary Licandro

Inventory Manager

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Childsmart Increases Average Order Size with Handshake

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The Challenge:

Childsmart was looking for a way to unlock more sales while driving operational efficiencies in order processing.

The Results:

  • Childsmart has seen a 20% increase in Average Order Size using Handshake.
  • With access to a digital catalog and updated inventory information, Childsmart sales reps work faster and have more time to present new products and additional lines.
  • Rich digital product images enable sales reps to better present the important aesthetic differences between products, without the need for physical samples.

The Story:

A Decision to Change Yields Dramatic Results

For over a decade, Australian toy manufacturer and distributor Childsmart has been bringing a wide range of children’s toys to retail stores across Australia and New Zealand. They currently work with many global brands in the infant, toddler, and preschool toy and nursery markets, including Mamas and Papas, Crocodile Creek, and Brio, as well as nearly 1000 authorized retailers.

Up until a year ago, the company was still writing orders on paper. Sales reps would fax orders back to the head office, where they’d be manually entered into their system. For Mary Licandro, Childsmart’s Inventory Manager, the entire process needed a major upgrade.

A trade show in New York led the organization to Handshake, and since then, they’ve seen a marked increase in their business at trade shows, as well as a 20% increase in their average order size. Childsmart attributes these improvements to a few key factors.

Harnessing the Power of Digital Product Images

“In the past, we might have had nine different rocking horses in our catalog, but you wouldn’t really be able to see the differences between them,” says Licandro. “Obviously, sales reps can’t carry samples of every product, but we’ve found that when buyers are able to quickly see all the products and images in one digital interface, they tend to add more products to their order.”

Consolidating Multiple Brands Into One Interface

Before getting started with sales order management software, sales reps were slowed down by paper catalogs and price sheets for multiple lines. With all their brands in one mobile interface now, sales reps conduct faster store visits, seamlessly moving between brands and easily introducing new lines to their customers.

Giving Sales Reps Better Information Access

It was once extremely difficult for Childsmart to disseminate new product information to their sales reps, and for reps to gain access to important information (like stock availability) during a store visit. With Handshake, “Everyone’s on the same page now. They know they have everything they need to answer their customers’ questions,” says Licandro.

Bringing a More Flexible, Strategic Approach to the Sales Process

The flexibility of Handshake’s “on-the-fly” editing capabilities have enabled sales reps to get more creative with bundling multiple products and writing pre-season orders, leading to better deals for customers and larger orders.

Read the full story here

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