Founded in 1969, Tru Fragrance is a leading fragrance manufacturer serving a broad range of independent, licensed, and private label fragrance markets.




New York, NY

As Director of IT, I would say that the discussions I had with Handshake’s team were very on point and deep. With the knowledge that they brought to the table, we were able to avoid a lot of hurdles.

John Goliak
Director of IT
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Finding an off-the-shelf sales order management solution that would integrate with a highly customized ERP system.


Handshake worked with Tru Fragrance to build a customized, seamless integration with their ERP, NetSuite.

Tru Fragrance has reduced data entry manhours by 50% since implementing Handshake.

Tru Fragrance’s Customer Care team can focus on tasks other than data entry, and without the need to fax orders, sales reps have more time to drive business for the brand.



As wholesale business technology advances, more and more brands are looking for sales order management solutions like Handshake to optimize their order submission and fulfillment processes and provide better service to their customers. For most mid-market and enterprise brands, however, adopting sales order management software is impossible without a seamless ERP integration.

At Handshake, those integrations with ERPs like NetSuite, Xero, and SAP are made less daunting by providing both an open, transparent API and flexible integration solutions that can adapt to any business’s unique needs.


Selling through trade shows and store visits, Tru Fragrance’s independent sales reps would each write upwards of fifty orders per week on paper. To submit those orders, they would either fax them or take a photo of each individual order form and email it to the back office.

As a result, team members in the company’s Customer Care department would often receive orders at the very end of the week, forcing them to get through mountains of data entry every Friday night. “Our back office staff would spend about 10 to 12 hours entering orders into NetSuite each week, leaving them little time to work on other important tasks,” says Director of IT John Goliak.

It was clear that the company needed to reduce the amount of time and resources spent on order processing and error resolution. But they needed to find a solution that would integrate with NetSuite.


As a company with large sales volume and a very wide range of customers, Tru Fragrance’s ERP system is highly customized, and they required a flexible integration that would be equally adaptive to their workflow.

The integration needed to achieve a series of customizations. For instance, Tru Fragrance organizes their products within NetSuite as “assembly items,” which allow them to combine several component parts (i.e. bottle, fragrance, spray nozzle, cap, etc.) into a single item––an organizational structure that Handshake had to accommodate.

This example scratches the surface of the kinds of customizations required by a large organization with a complex backend system.


Soon after implementing the Handshake integration with NetSuite, Tru Fragrance has already seen its impact. Because orders are now ported from sales reps’ mobile devices directly into NetSuite, data entry man hours have been cut down by 50%. They also no longer need to follow up for credit card payment information, an enormous time saver.

As a result, orders go out faster, and Tru Fragrance’s Customer Care team can focus on what’s really important: serving customers. Similarly, sales reps are no longer tied down by having to submit orders by fax or email, and they can concentrate on driving more business for the brand.

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